The Most Painful Day of my Life

Hi friends, I thought its been long enough now and that I have the strength to share my miscarriage story. Yes’ If you didn’t know I was pregnant, I was. September 21st was my 38th birthday and my husband and I decided since my “Chemical Pregnancy” back in April this year, that we would try […]

A world full of so much hate!

  I guess what inspired me to write this post was the recent sadness that has happened to so many innocent lives in Florida latley. More specifically thinking about the little boy and the alligator. That horrific insident made me then think of all the controversy that was all over social media with the gorilla […]

Terrible Toddler Tantrum at Target

Easter 2014 Say that five times.. “Terrible Toddler Tantrum at Target”. Yes’ it happened and I may have caused a seen with my reaction, but I actually can pat myself on the back for following through- which I think is the most important lesson.  So the story begins yesterday morning. My three older kids headed […]

OurPact| A Great Parental Control IOS App

Do your kids (like mine, being honest here) “get away” with more then 2 hours of screen time a day? my children especially my oldest “13” tries to manipulate his time on the computer playing Mine Craft, most the time it works. Not because I’m a sucker, but because after chores and not having friends […]

New Year New Me!

“This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group®, All You®, and Real Simple® but all my opinions are my own. #PMedia #NewYearMeTime” The holidays are over, and things are packed up nicely and put away, (a little bitter sweet right?) With this new year, it comes with […]

How Lexapro Saved My Life!

WARNING: This is not a pretty post full of pretty pictures, this is real life and what really can go on behind the computer screen and behind the smiling pictures. I am sharing this to let some of you know that medication works. That if you have felt some of these feelings or thoughts such […]