5 Accessories You Need For Your Sculpting Hobby

Sculpting as a hobby can be traced back thousands of years. It’s an art that shapes and combines materials like clay, wood, or stone to create innovative designs and figurines. While sculptures can be made of metal, stone, wood, and several other materials, clay remains the most popular sculpture method. Clay is an inexpensive, easy […]

What to Look for in an Online Craft Store in Australia

Australia is known for some of our time’s finest painting artists; the list includes geniuses like John Olsen, Brett Whiteley and Fred Williams. A recent report estimates the number of visual arts and crafts professionals in Oz to be over 12,000 in the next four years. With reputed institutions like TAFE and Sydney Art School […]

3 Do it Yourself Ideas to Add Crafts to the Bedroom

       Those of us who have creative sides want our homes to be different from all the others. Adding some color, art, or decoration can further the appeal of our homes. Unfortunately, not everyone has the money to hire professionals.   There are many ways to redecorate your home without the help of […]

Inspiring Creativity: Why Art is So Important for Kids Self-Expression

When it comes to arts and crafts, kids just seem to naturally love it. It’s really part of why kids love going to school, plus, it gives them a valid reason to get as messy and creative as they want and have fun while doing it! Aside from art being fun, did you know that it […]

Fed Up Of Getting Stuck In The Procrastination Web? Here’s How The Internet Can Actually Boost Creativity

Most creative people have clear-cut rules about the internet. How else can we get our heads down and actually make anything worthwhile? To us, the internet is a sticky web, and we’re the flies which forever get caught in it. Even one quick search can lead to hours of wasted time and, sorry it to […]

Cricut Maker Simple Fabric Bunting

Hello friends, I am back again with another Cricut post talking about another great feature that comes with the sleek and amazing Cricut Maker, and that is the Rotary blade. Its sleek, its rotates, spins, cute, and does all your cutting for you. Every cut is flawless, so for example if you wanted to make […]