Fruit Fluff Salad

Hello friends, I am sharing a yummy salad that is perfect for any spring, summer, Easter, 4th of July, BBQ or picnic you are attending or celebrating. This Fruit Fluff Salad is just that, its fluffy, light, and packed with delicious flavor. My mom makes this salad and so I got it from her, and […]

Taco Salad – The Tastiest One!

Growing up there were always a few frequent recipes my ma made in the kitchen.. they were: spaghetti, burrito’s, sheppards pie, and taco salad. My ma always cooked delish dinners, but these seemed to be the go to ones, when ma didn’t perhaps know what else to make.    I loved my mas taco salad and […]

20 Mouth Watering Summer Salads

In the summer time just about the only thing I enjoy, aside from snow cones or an ice cold diet coke with snow ball ice…. is cold, yummy, crunchy, fruity Summer salads. So I have gathered up 20 Mouth Watering Summer Salads. All of these salads, fruit, pasta, and regular type salads are great for […]

The Best Orchard Chicken Salad

Its super fun having my sister over and visiting. We have had fun thrift shopping, hitting garage sales, playing with the kiddos, chatting, and making some yummy dishes. This is one of the dishes we made together. Its perfect for spring and summer, when you don’t want anything to heavy. {Orchard Chicken Salad} Ingredients/ Directions […]