Home Decor ~ DIY jacket and backpack board

Hello Friends Today I will be sharing with you my “Backpack Jacket Board.” I can’t believe its taken me this long to make one.  See my kids throw their backpacks and jackets and even kick off their shoes in our entry way. Grrrrrrr, It drives me bonkers. I had a large board in my garage […]

DIY- {Framed Wall Goodness}

My mums and sis… have said things to me like… Ummm, “So jen what are you going to do with that frame on your wall?” OR.. So what are you going to put in the frame jen? Or… when are you going to finish this wall?”  HA! SO THE MUM AND SIS totally know me.. […]

DIY { U & I } Type Writer Key-Canvas Art!

 i got the two pack of 8×10 and 11×14 canvases at Big Lots. I thought the price’s weren’t that bad.  I had NO CLUE what I would use them for??? OTHER THEN I WOULD USE THEM winks! I was thinking subway art, or mod podged paper of some kind with monogrammed letters…. then the idea […]

DIY- Left side of HUGE wall!

 HERE IS THE LEFT SIDE OF MY LARGE WALL that I finished.    The wall is a tad awkward, there is a wall beam that sticks out on the left side of the large wall, floor to ceiling, as well as a long beam ledge above. So it shortens the entire wall on the left […]


I made this {KEY FRAME) today. I used a really old frame that I painted black, a heavy (deadly) cast iron key, and burlap. After the frame was dry I just tied the burlap around the frame and through the key. Very easy, and I love how it looks. I then worked on half a […]