DIY Birthday Party Ideas for the Perfectly Customized Event

DIY Birthday Party Ideas for the Perfectly Customized Event Today’s times are all about DIY everything. From do it yourself home repairs to garden room, there are dozens of articles on the web for any topic. If you’re a proud parent and your child’s birthday is just around the corner, then you might have guessed […]

Pineapple Birthday Party

Hello friends, today I am coming at you with  my daughter’s 11th “Pineapple Birthday Party.” I will do my best to share where most of the items are from. Both my daughter and I love pineapples so it was an easy decision (not that my opinion matters Meh’) so I, like her, was just as […]

Paris Themed Birthday Party

Hi friends, I am thrilled to share my daughters 10th Paris Themed Birthday Party. I was not planning on a birthday party this year, but then she came to me and said “mom I would love a Paris themed birthday” then after about a week, my wheels starting spinning and my creative side jumped on […]

Michael Jackson|Who’s Bad Birthday Party

Hi friends, So this past Friday my daughter turned “9” YAY! and this little miss of mine has a huge love for the king of pop Yep! Mr. Michael Jackson “Who’s Bad!”. I don’t know where the sudden love came from, but she just adores him and even gets emotional with some of his songs […]

Darth Vader Black and White Birthday Party!

My now “3” year old is obsessed with Darth Vader, and this mom loves it. You see about two months ago my husband dug out one of his storage bins, a bin full of memories, pictures, school work, and projects that he did when he was younger and in school.  Among all the treasures were […]

Rustic White Birthday Baptism Party

This past weekend was chalked full of love, some tears, joy, laughter, and a visit from Innie (gma L) and grandpa from Oregon. They came down for Bella’s 8th Birthday. Her birthday was extra special because she got baptized. Her whole program, and baptism along with her Baptism/Birthday Party were wonderful. I could tell she […]