Saturday Spotlight Talent Show- GET ORGANIZED EDITION

In today’s Saturday Spotlight Talent Show, I will be sharing with you “8” talented and organized gals. Things feel a whole lot better when they are clean and organized. Lets get this fantastic show started, so we can get started on our own cleaning and organizing.  HERE WE GO… The Scrap Shoppe– Organize your Washi […]

Saturday Spotlight Talent Show- Decorate Your Home Edition!

Today’s Talent Show is super special. I love taking pride in  my home and in my spaces, I love turning them from plain to pretty! Each room and space you see today is fantastic and done by some Super Talented Ladies. Lets get this AWESOME TALENT SHOW STARTED! Owen’s Olivia– Owens Room Reveal-love it all! […]

Saturday Spotlight Talent Show

WELCOME TO ANOTHER  “SATURDAY SPOTLIGHT TALENT SHOW!”  There is something for everyone to enjoy or drool over in today’s talent show.  Lets get right to it, and show off all this amazing talent.   Live Laugh Rowe– Banana Pudding Shots- YUM!!!  Flamingo Toes– Buttons and Frills Skirt- Bev, stop with all your mad sewing skills. LOVE […]

Saturday Spotlight Talent Show – SUMMER EDITION

WELCOME WELCOME everybody TO ANOTHER AWESOME  {SATURDAY SPOTLIGHT TALENT SHOW!} IN TODAY’S TALENT SHOW WE ARE GOING all out for SUMMER LOVING! “suma suma suma time”.. (Will Smith-old school) these ideas will surely get you in the summer “fun” “sun” spirit! YOU’RE all going to adore THESE IDEAS FOR YOUR FUN SUMMERTIME!  lets get this  […]

Saturday Spotlight Talent Show {Show me Color}

Today’s Saturday Spotlight Talent Show is just as fabulous as all the rest. However, today’s show is filled with lots and lots of color for both indoor and outdoor decor and use.  Lets get this fabulous Talent Show Started!  Second Chance to Dream– DIY pallet herb garden- ADORE THIS IDEA!  Lolly Jane Boutique – chevron […]

Saturday Spotlight Talent Show

Welcome everyone to another  {{SSTS}}  Its always so fun to go through all the links, and see what picks will be in the the show. I love that you all link up and appreciate you all partying at COM. Lets get this fun show started. My Passion for Decor- Beautiful Buffet Makeover!  Domestic Imperfection– End […]