How to Make Gummy Bears in 5 Simple Steps

No matter how old you get one thing remains true. Gummy bears are amazing. So, you hide yourself away in your walk-in pantry to eat them when your children aren’t watching. You know once they know you have the gummies, they’ll be gone. What if we told you that you can have an unlimited supply […]

Chocolate Dipped Swedish Fish

Two of my all time favorite candies are  “Chocolate & Swedish Fish!”  I sometimes even buy the Dove mini chocolates and Swedish fish and enjoy them together. Well, I told my sister forever ago that I wanted to make chocolate dipped swedish fish… and we both said “YUM!” together. So today I made that happen. […]

Sugar Free Werther’s Original Candies are Safe for my Family.

How many of you remember the first time you tasted a Werther’s Original candy? I do! I was a little girl, and I remember one wasn’t going to cut it. HE! I remember the sweet creamy buttery flavor that coated my tongue, YUM!  I remember just loving them. I also remember growing up and my grandma […]