DIY Easter Egg Coffee Stir Sticks

Hi friends, its been forever since I have shared an easy DIY and/or craft with you. GAH! I’m sorry, Instagram and YouTube have been my jam lately, as I have been working on growing the two. Today I am sharing these DIY Easter Egg Coffee Stick Sticks.  I have a Coffee/Warm Drink Station on a […]

DIY Upcycled Easter Basket

Hi friends,    Today I am sharing this fun upcycle from a beautiful and tasty filled Easter basket I received from Gifts .com  .It’s great to “go green” and usw what you have so I am all for a great upcycle. Without ruining the cute two tone white and whicker color/pattern I simply added some yarn […]

Colorful and Whimsical Easter Decor

Hello friends, today I am sharing my colorful and whimsical Easter decor. In the past I have shared my Easter hutch many times. However, as some of you know (via instagram) in our new home I have put the hutch in my craft room. So now I decorate the industrial shelves the hubs and I […]

DIY Easter Hippity Hop Sign

Hi friends I am going back in time to 2012 when I made this super fun and cute DIY  Easter Hippity Hop Sign. I love this sign and its just screams Easter and festiveness (is that a word) to me. This sign is happy, sweet, and just makes me happy.  HOW TO: I headed off […]

13 DIY Bunny Ideas!

Easter is upon us, so to gear us all up and hopefully inspire ya’ll I am sharing these 13 DIY Bunny Ideas. My goodness, there are some super cute ideas too, sweet ones as well. I love bunny cotton tail, or bunny bum projects too.. nothing cuter then a cute cotton tail right? Before we […]

Bunny Bum Snowball Cupcakes

Hi guys, today I am sharing these cute “Bunny Bum Snowball Cupcakes!” these chubby bum bunnies are busy digging a hole and all you can see is their darling cotton tails and feet. wink. So I was at a convenient store a few weeks ago when I went in to pay for my gas. At […]