*Star* {{Cupcake Liner Topiary}}

Well I had to keep with my Cupcake Liner Topiary Love, (you can see my valentine & halloween one on the right side of my blog.) and make myself a …. “STAR cupcake liner Topiary”  HOW TO: I used my cricut to cut out a 51/2 inch star on thick card stock.  Then I traced […]

Valentine CupCake liner Topiary

HEY THERE- This is what I worked on this afternoon. Do you all REMEMBER my Halloween Cupcake Liner Topiary? well if you would like to see it, you can click the link. Anyhoo, I decided I wanted to make a smaller one for Valentines. I used the styrofoam balls that are the second ones to […]

Halloween Cupcake Liner Topiary

Here is my Halloween CupCake liner Topiary Tree. (If you remember my Fire Cracker Topiary its pretty much made the same.) I know I know, some of you have been giving me a hard time 😉 ON Halloween crafts, but this is how I GET AROUND A holiday… “CRAFTOMANIAC CRAZED” for Holiday Crafts…… I am only trying to inspire and […]