DIY Painted Spool Washi Tape Holders

Hi guys, today I am sharing an easy and darling craft (my favorite kind). I am sharing these adorable “DIY Painted Spool Washi Tape Holders!” If you love washi tape, and you have a huge hoarding stash of them,.. and you think you might be wiling to share some of your washi tape, well then […]

10 Hands On Simple Crafts

Well its “Fabulous Friday”  which means Round Up Time!  I love going through my link party and seeing what you all have been up too. I love to get “Hands On” and get busy crafting, who doesn’t right?! In this round up I found some super cute “Hands On” craft projects.. Yep’ “10 Hands On […]

Washi Tape Bunny Silhouette

Hi! I am Shari from   I love a good craft project, but with a 2 yr old & 4 yr old I try and keep my projects fairly simple. If it is too complex it usually doesn’t ever get completed! I’ve been wanting to try a washi tape silhouette for awhile and I thought […]

Washi Tape Frankenstein Card

Today I am sharing a darling and simple paper craft. This card is great to give a simple little treat to a friend, neighbor, teacher, co-worker, etc. this 10 minute card project would also be perfect to go along side a batch of Halloween cookies or any Halloween treats. I just tore Washi tape and […]

DIY Washi Tape with Words

Today you will see how I turned some Martha Stewart painter’s tape into some   Washi Tape with Words! What you will Need: Martha Stewart Painters tape or regular painters tapesheet protector or wax paperstamp(s)stamp ink This project IS SO EASY, and the pictures pretty much sum it up for ya.  You can use the […]