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How Lexapro Saved My Life!

WARNING: This is not a pretty post full of pretty pictures, this is real life and what really can go on behind the computer screen and behind the smiling pictures. I am sharing this to let some of you know that medication works. That if you have felt some of these feelings or thoughts such as I explain below, that you are not alone. I am not asking to be judged here, just to read this if you would like and to listen.

Five plus months ago I was a mom that hated her life and hated being a mom and just wanted to lay in bed all day and do nothing. I had no desire to do anything, and it was always a miracle I got any jobs and work done for my blog, and that my kids were clothed and fed. I forced myself to cook, and clean and do my best to take care of my kids. I didn’t enjoy any of it, and I despised pretty much everything minus my bed. I cried a lot and poured out my heart to my husband many times, he was always a good listener and always offered his affection and support. I can’t really say where the depression came from, a lot was my life and waiting for it to begin so to speak… feeling the shaft so much in our lives, feeling stuck that we will never be able to move somewhere better, stressing over lives expenses continually, dealing with some heavy religious issues, and just never feeling like I “we” could get our heads above water. Then to top it all off I had these “4” kids that needed me and depended on me, and I never wanted to lift a finger or do a thing. I was so lost and so bitter that I never turned to God either, I never prayed, which is something I feel so strongly about. I truly was in a giant dark tunnel lost in life, confused, mad, angry, and beyond bitter. I explained to my  husband one evening while sobbing that I felt like I was drifting in slow motion through a dark tunnel and that I was trying to reach this small glimmer of light, but that I could never reach it. My depression got so bad that one day while all my kids were at school and my youngest fell asleep on the couch that I decided after forcing myself out of my bed “again” that I would hang myself. I went into my closet and tried lifting my weight off the ground while hanging onto the closet pole. I didn’t feel like it was sturdy enough, so I went to my shower, there was a thick much taller wider metal beam. I lifted myself up from it and thought this would do it. I thought very deeply about this decision and then set down on my tubs edge and sobbed, how could I let my kids or husband come home to this? and find me like this? I can’t do that to them, I can’t have them see that, I can’t destroy them that way!!! I cried so hard and went back to my bed sobbing and sobbing for a long time. My depression went on a bit longer until I forced myself to go see a doctor one day. I wanted to see him for some stomach pain I have been dealing with (still am) and to talk to him about my depression and thoughts.

Then and there at the doctors that day, feeling so vulnerable, sad, lost, and ashamed, my doctor prescribed me Lexapro. I started Lexpro later that afternoon, and finally felt  that dark tunnel light twinkle a bit more… that everything would be OK. I went home and for the next few days and weeks things were looking up, I was feeling much better. I remember being in the car one afternoon and my hubby and I were chatting away, we were heading into town. He was telling me about something, I believe about his job/work, and I must of given him a peppy perfect, and positive answer, because he turned and looked at me and said “Who are you?” he said it with a big smile on his face, you could see how proud he was, he new I was better. I really was! I felt better, I sounded better, I acted better, I was back. Days turned to weeks, and weeks turned to months, and on more then one occasion my sweet hubby would say something in reference to my attitude and “who am I?” he liked the jen he once new and married, he liked seeing me happy again. My sweet kids got their mother back too, I was up and out of bed (still a hard one in the mornings) and tending to their needs, I wasn’t laying in bed all day anymore, I was laughing, I was being goofy, dancing in the kitchen in front of my kids while making them lunch! HA! I wanted to create, and do and go. I was happy and productive again, and most importantly I was a mother and wife again, who no longer has any more suicidal thoughts.

Life is not perfect, its not that “Kodak picture” you see, its not the perfect (staged) bedroom, or re-model job, or craft you see. Real life goes on behind all of that stuff, and nobody has it perfect, and nobody is perfect. We all are flawed, and there is always room to grow and improve. That said, there are doctors, and therapist, and help out there that some of us need and its nothing to be ashamed of. Its all there to help us, we just have to pick up the phone. If I can help one person, one woman, man, father, mother, friend, blogger today, then I have done my part in helping, and I am so happy to have shared this with you. Life is short and it shouldn’t be spent sad, bitter, and lost in a dark tunnel. There is always light at the end of a tunnel, and I’m sure glad that I hung onto that light in “my tunnel.”

Kisses and Hugs,


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65 thoughts on “How Lexapro Saved My Life!

  1. Thanks for sharing such an honest post. I take lexapro (for anxiety more than depression, but I’ve been down the depression road before too) and it’s a life saver. Sometimes our bodies need that extra help! So glad to hear that it works for you and you’re able to live a happy, active life and leave the comforts of your bed. It’s not always easy to admit that we need in help. Hugs!

    1. Just started Lexapro and am hopeful. I too am taking it more for anxiety than depression (I’ve been there too) and it’s great to read a positive post and an honest one! I live a healthy life as far as meditation, prayer, exercise, diet, mindfulness, I go to therapy… I just needed more help! I don’t know how long to be on it but one day at a time. I’m very hopeful this will allow me to be me without the bag of fear I constantly work at facing.

    2. Hello Alyson,

      Well I can tell you that it will work for your anxiety (or at least it should, it does for me). I wrote this post 2 years ago and still take my Lexapro and wouldn’t go without it. Thank you for sharing and I wish you much health and happiness. XO jen

      1. Thank you for telling your story. It helps that we are not alone with these intrusive feelings. I myself was on Lexapro for 13 years and it was working great until 2 years ago I got a bad case of poison ivy which I was given prednisone to fix. That in turn messed with my chemicals and messed up the Lexapro and how it worked for me. Long story short these last 2 years have been a roller coaster of depression and anxiety as I was tried on 6 other meds but none of them have worked. I just asked my doctor if he thought it would be good to go back on Lexapro and he said yes, I will be starting it again tomorrow. I am praying that this is going to give me my happiness back that I have always have had before. Life is not perfect and I have always believed you have to be happy without gold before you can be happy with it! I loved life and want to love it again! My wonderful husband of 38 years has stood by me through it all and I know we have so much more to do and live together as I know marriage is One of God’s great creations! Thank you again for sharing your story and it’s wonderful that you are still doing so well! Let’s do it Lexapro!

        1. Hi Linda, Well I hope now that its been several days since you commented, that you are back on your Lexapro and feeling much better. Best of luck to you and lots of joy and happiness too. XO jen

          1. Thank you Jen! I’ve been on it 11 days now and I am feeling better each day! Doing more each day, waking up better and looking forward to the future and I know I still have a lot of room to improve! God Bless You!

          2. Hi Linda, That is wonderful news. Having a chemical imbalance is a very real thing, and I am glad there are medications out there to help us. Bless you. jen

      2. Did you have any side effects from it like not wanting sex or having jumpy muscles I am looking for a new one and scared to change bc of side effetcs

        1. No’ the only side effect I have ever gotten from it was feeling nauseous,and that was because I took it without food. Otherwise, I haven’t had one issue. Blessings, jen

          1. Omg thank you so much for responding I have reached out to others and they never would I am on Viibryd and still depressed so my Doc told me about lexapro I’m switching this weekend and am scared to death bc I have had some bad side effects do you recommend taking it at night did it make you sleepy at first thank you again for giving me hope in finding a med for me my boyfrind is worried it will change how I feel about him please pray for me that it works as good as it did for you!

          2. Sorry for this delay. I set an alarm on my phone that goes off every day at 9:00 a.m. so that by then I have eaten and that is when I take mine. I recommend mid morning-ish. You want to feel good throughout the day, and at night you just sleep and not have to worry about your feelings so to speak. Anyway, update me and let me know how you are doing. I am always on Instagram too- Craftomaniac. xo jen

  2. What a wonderful, generous person you are to share this difficult time in your life. Thank you. I always need to be reminded that things aren’t always as perfect as they appear, especially in pictures, as I always come up short when I compare myself to those pictures. I’ve had struggles of my own, and meds have helped so much.

  3. Eu tmb tomo Lexapro e ele me ajuda muito. Sei exatamente como se sente e o mais correto a ser feito é procurar a ajuda de um médico,como você fez. Tudo vai melhorar! Um grande abraço.

  4. Thank you for being honest and real. Sharing your experience had to be hard but I am so glad you did. I cried for you and how much pain you had to have been in. Please know that you are not alone. I have been through this as well after the loss of a baby. Depression had a hold of me and I didn’t think I would make it back to who i use to be.Seeking help and medication helped me. Hugs to you and know that if you ever need to talk, I’m here 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for being so open and honest about your struggle. I am also on medication for depression/anxiety and I feel like it’s something so many of us struggle with but nobody wants to talk about. Medication has absolutely been a life changer for me and I can’t imagine where I would be without it.

  6. Thank you for putting your truth out there. I cried as I read your post. Can I just say how very grateful I am that you didn’t take your life that day, or any other day. You are important. You’re life here on earth is valuable and has purpose. You see my dad committed suicide when I was 4 years old, (I am 40 now) My mom was left with four young children to raise. She was bitter, angry, overwhelmed with the responsibility that was left for her. She threatened suicide daily it seemed, on her hardest days she said my dad was the smartest person she knew. So, at a young age I learned that suicide was an “option”. And as a young adult with a small child all alone, or so I felt, I attempted suicide. I swallowed a whole bottle of pills. Ended up in the ER where thankfully I was ok, just “a lot on my plate” for a young person. Fast forward 10 years or so and I was married and doing life “right”. But, my marriage was not good and I was not treated nicely. I felt like if I died I would “teach him a lesson”. I had those thoughts twice in my marriage, one being 7 months pregnant or so with my now 8 year old precious daughter. I kept my pain private for many years. I thank my God for keeping me alive in my weakest, hardest moments. I am divorced now almost 3 years. Life is good, and goes on. I know my God has a great plan for my life. I am still here <3 As are you!

    1. Thank you Jennifer, for sharing some of your life and struggles. It can be very hard, and even harder for others. You clearly are a strong woman and have been through a lot. I am so glad to hear that life continues to press forward and Yes’ your God as well as mine does have a plan for us. Satan won’t win! Hugs, jen

    2. you are so brave for sharing your story. people will definately benefit from reading it because it gives one hope. as a woman being treated for depression, i believe i can relate to some of the feelings you have described. and knowing how that feels, how very proud i am of you to be able to say you made it through to the other side. thank you for sharing.

  7. thank you for sharing!!!! My dad hung himself almost a year in March and it has been one of the hardest things to go through as an adult but unimaginable for my little sister 11 & 12. I am so happy to hear you seeked help and commend you for your honesty!!! Life is so precious and I’m happy you are here to share your love with your family but also your followers! It’s so easy to get stuck in a moment and forget the big picture! You are amazing! Xoxoxo

    1. Hi Carissa,
      I am so sorry for the loss and paid of your dad. I can’t imagine what it does to the loves ones. I too am so glad I got help and am no longer lost in a dark tunnel. God bless you and take care. Hugs, jen

  8. Jen ❤️
    I want to hug you sooooooo hard right now. Honest I have looked at your pictures and thought awe I wanna be just like her….so pretty and talented and loved and happy. I too suffer from dark depression. I have been on meds for most of my life. I have never been open about it. It seems like a hush hush no no, no one wants to know that…..but now after reading your post I hope I can touch someone’s life like you just touched mine. Your Amazing, beautiful, crafty, fun and I want to be like you even MORE now. Xxxxxxxx

    1. Hi Emily, Thank you hun, I so would hug you right back. I hope you stay on the up and up and always see the joy and good in life, even when its hard. Meds. are a blessing and I glad I have been on them. Thanks for the comment I truly love the interactions. Take care, jen

  9. Jen, thanks so much for sharing. Please know that you have perfectly described how so many of us are feeling and this post is an answer to prayers. You are brave and beautiful. Hugs to you today.

    1. Thanks Donna, its hard to be so vulnerable and share something you struggled with for so long. I am so happy that these past several months were much better, I hope I can help others. Thanks for the comment love. Take care, huge, jen

  10. Way go hon,I’m in my 70 & would never thought I get depressed at this stage life but bam!! Dr. told me that was problem So gave me meds. working good.I’ve heard people swear never take pill,,I laugh & say you want your life back listen to your body & your Dr. Way go you do fine..

  11. Bless You for sharing! I’m a Recovering Alcoholic and depression and anxiety all most killed Me more then once! I’m on medication now.. and Yes it saved My life, I feel blessed and forever grateful to have My life back. So glad things turned around for You too! Smiles.Cindy

  12. Hi Jen.
    Your honesty is so inspiring. I went thru a “depression” years ago. Know how you felt at your lowest. and how you feel on the rise up! Your God and your Dr. and MOSTLY YOUR FORTITUDE AND STRENGTH got you on that road going upwards.
    You are blessed.
    Continued blessings to you and your family.

    (We dont know each other, but you have my email, if you EVER need to talk, yell ,scream or just vent, or simply cry…. I am a good listener. contact me at any time.

    Thank you for a wonderful, truthful “talk”

  13. Jen I’m so glad you got help. That is the hardest part. I was on lexapro many years ago and it helped me so much. So happy your happy and can live the life you deserve!

      1. I haven’t noticed the tiredness. However, maybe your body needs to just adjust some more.

  14. Kudos to you!! You are so brave to share this. My family has a loooonnnng history of depression & anxiety. I have taken anxiety meds on and off for the last 22 years. I watched my Mom suffer with Bi-Polar disorder my whole life and was so scared when I started having anxiety after my first baby. Thankfully I got help and I have had times in my life where I didn’t take medication, but I can recognize the signs and know I have to go back on it. My 23 year old daughter has just recently been having symptoms, just after getting married. She was so upset because she is happily married and didn’t understand why she was having problems. It isn’t always the current situation. I think it can be different for different people. But, I wish nobody help ashamed or embarrassed that they take medication. My mom has always said, “a diabetic has to take medicine for their health, anxiety/depression medication is the same thing. It helps you life a healthy life.” On a side note, if one medication doesn’t work for a person, dont fret,, there are others and not one medicine works for everyone. I’ve had to switch to others sometimes to get better results. So to anyone else out there suffering, don’t be discouraged if the first try doesn’t work for you. Talk with your doctor and be open to trying another.

  15. God Bless you for being brave enough to share your experience, of course your not alone and I’m so happy you were able to get help and I’m very sure you help someone today and gave them hope. Glad your back 🙂

  16. I am so glad you are still here. Life is precious and full of struggles. Thank you for sharing your story with us. <3

  17. Jen you are amazing! I too have taken Lexapro on and off for the past few years. I hate how depression and medicines are so hush-hush when really we need to spread the word so people don’t feel afraid or embarrassed to get the help they need. I hope your post helps many who are dealing with the same feelings and commend you on writing about it!! XOXO-Kelsey

  18. Jen hi, its so strange to see your beautiful face and know you were feeling all that. I am glad that you got help and that you are feeling better. I just wrote a blog post about something similar but even as I wrote it didn’t realize perhaps it was a form of depression that I too was feeling until I read your truth. Strange, isn’t it, how many people deal with some sort of issue at some point in their life some make it through and others don’t. I am grateful that I did and am happy for all those that are reading your blog and shared their stories & made it thru. Here’s to living a good life from today forward.

    In case you want to read the post I wrote:

    Have a great week.

  19. Your lead line posted on your time line on FB really grabbed my attention. I can completely relate to what you were stating. I had been depressed as a teenager, but thought it was just “part of the teen years”. I never mentioned it, in fact, I was sure if I did that would be the answer I would get. I had been dating a guy from high school for two years, ended up pregnant @ 18. His solution was an abortion; it wasn’t a solution for me. Personally, I couldn’t have lived w/myself. I made it thorough that difficult time, dealt with lots of rejection from some that I thought were my friends, was “crucified” by the physician that my mom took me to. I had no health insurance as I had just started a job & was too old to be on my parents’ insurance. I ended up losing my job despite the attempt of an attorney to secure a position for me to return to. Back in those days, it was really different. I had to go to court to file suit against the guy for potential support, there was no DNA at that time. He denied any responsibility. The long & short of that scenario was that I ended up with twins & I gave them up for adoption. I knew I could not take care of myself, let alone 2 infants. I had not job, no prospects, still lived at home w/2 brothers who were in school & my family didn’t have the financial mean.s I truly didn’t thing that any other choice would be right as these babies did not ask to be brought into this world and deserved a good start; one I could not give. I met someone else & married approximately 1 1/2 yr later. In hindsight it was for all the wrong reasons, but did not see that at the time. It was a difficult adjustment for a long time. I had 2 kids from that marriage. It was after my 2nd child was born that I realized the old feelings were coming back & couldn’t understand why I couldn’t be happy. I had a lot of reasons to be happy. It just wasn’t there & I felt a huge void. I was preoccupied with how my feelings would affect my kids because although I was there with them, I wasn’t. It would not be fair to them if I couldn’t give 100 % Again I said nothing & tried to cope for a while. I finally ended up finding a therapist, that helped for awhile, but my husband would not allow me to continue, he had control of the finances. Insurance did not cover counseling with a therapist at that time. Things got a log worse over the years and I would be so depressed & crying; not knowing why. Hiding it from everyone. Over a period of 10 yr or so I had been to several therapist/phychiatrists, provided medication and it never seemed to help. I just kept pushing myself, telling myself I had to make more of an effort to be happy. Long story short, I divorced after 25 yr of marriage. I had put myself COMPLETELY into everything my kids did throughout their growing up years. I got involved with a local charity, volunteered for things at their schools, etc. I actually felt better through most of that, but as the end of high school was fast approaching for them, I got paranoid. What was going to happen to me? My marriage had become non-existent. I struggled at first financially, things turned around. but I fought constant depression & was back at seeing someone for the problem, trying more & different meds. They either didn’t help or for not very long. I quit going about 6 yrs ago & have reached a point where I am thinking again about wanting my life to be over. I actually had it all planned out once. I still don’t know the answer, I am again back at counseling & trying another medication + another added to it. In the past year when I have had several surgical procedures, I would silently pray as I wen into the operating room that I would not wake up from surgery. That is how badly I want this pain to end. My children are grown, are adults & on their own (37 & 34), My daughter does not wish to have a relationship with me; that is another long story. I rarely see my grandchildren and holidays are the worst ever! I always would see people’s blogs & stories of their ideas, plans, projects and everyone seem as if they have it “together”. I am going to be 59 yr old very soon & I wonder if I will ever have it “together”. All I know is that I work & come home to nothing. I do not feel like there is anything to look forward to. I want to commend you for doing what you did. At least you have a husband who appears to care & be a support. You are a very beautiful woman & I envy your life, thought it may not be as you would like it to be. I have just only wanted to have a nice place to live, fix it up how I like it, feel peaceful when I come home and have the enjoyment of friends who enjoyed being at my home. That isn’t my life. Thank you so much for sharing! I know that your words have made others feel that they can confront their own fears & believe they can find help that leads to a solution. Take care.

  20. Hi Linda,

    Thank you for sharing all that with me. Everyone has a story and everyone has their own set of problems and struggles. I think the best thing we can do is accept!.. Accept what we have and make the best of it. Reaching out to your children (daughter) without pointing fingers just say “I love you and I want to be in your life” lets not look back lets just look forward! could really help your state of mind and happiness. I know medication and therapy is needed with imbalance problems and such, and that can make life more difficult if you don’t have them, but I would suggest to just keep swimming…. plug along… count your blessings, and get in touch with your children. I wish you the best in life and health. Hugs, jen

  21. Thank you for your story. Your bravery and honesty will surely help others who are feeling the same but do not know where to turn. Although we do not understand why things in our lives happen the way they do, I am a firm believer that God uses us a tools to help others each and everyday. Keep smiling! You are awesome.

    1. Thank you Jenn. I am still on Lexapro too. We moved this past September into our new home, and with all the craziness it through me off my regular routine of taking my pill. Boy’ could I tell. I would call my sister and bawl, I started feeling depressed agian with self doub feelings etc. I made sure to stay on track and keep on my happy calm pills. Hugs, jen

  22. Thank you so much for sharing your story and talking about your issue of depression you recently had. I struggle daily with issues of anger, bitterness, fatigue, sadness, worrisome for my final situation. And I came to terms its depression. I have problems with Difficulty swallowing solids more during the evenings, I have anxiety as well, my sadness would come on by not being able to eat that meal, or even a chip when my anxiety was sky rocketed. I got this due to not being able to deal with death in my family. But this is life and that eventually happens. I got lexapro recently from my Dr but have been “scared” so to speak to take it thinking I’m going to freak out or something, but thanks to you I’m going to start my medication and see what positive effects it can bring to me. Best of luck to you. N again thanks.

    1. Hi Kim,

      I am so glad you reached out to me and shared your concerns and similar feelings. The Lexapro really works and to this day I still take it and am very happy. God bless. Jen

  23. Thank you for sharing your story. I cried while I was reading this! I’m a mom of two beautiful boys and it gets hard.. life is hard. I have seemed helped when I just couldn’t take it either! It helped so much.. being able to breathe again.

    1. Hi Angie, My apologies on the delayed response. Depression is a real thing.. and combine that with high anxiety, it can be a huge struggle. I am still on Lexapro to this day, and can’t go without it. I hope you find some peace and answers. Please know how valued you are and those sweet boys of yours look up to you and adore you. Bless you, jen

      1. Does lexapro cure anxiety for good? I’m currently on lexapro it’s been four days. Been having sweats but sleep is okay overall. I started it because of my anxiety got to the point where I said ok i need to see a doctor I’m a mom of a toddler and I’ve started to feel like my anxiety was slowly taking over. So my doc prescribed lexapro since it’s early off i am feeling a bit more anxious. But my real question is will it cure anxiety all together I don’t want to take meds all my life just enough to feel better forever

        1. Hi Victoria, While I am no doctor I think it is safe to say that no medication will cure you. We just have to keep taking it, and or get involved in hobbies, activities we love, and perhaps therapy if we want to help rid ourselves from the meds more. That said, I am still “4” years on Lexapro and I am doing great, I even amd expecting my 5th and will be 7 weeks this Wednesday. Life is good and Lexapro is just a great tool to help those that need it. Bless you and know that you are not alone, and all is well. XO jen

  24. After dealing with anxiety for pretty much as long as I can remember and after it effects have become soul crushing the past few weeks I finally (at 42 yrs old) went to my doctor today and was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and prescribed Lexapro. I’m a little nervous about it but your post has made the excitement of potentially being in control of my life again outweighs those nerves. Thank you!

    1. Hi Liz,

      You will feel so much better. I am 38, and I can’t go without it. If I go about two weeks without it, all the same sad suicidal, deep, depressing, self hatred thoughts start creeping back in. I feel extra low and down. My mood is also terrible, and my anxiety is all over the place. I have to take them to help my brain function and function at healthy, in control level. Don’t worry, you got this and you are so not alone. I haven’t met a friend both IRL or on social media that isn’t on something. Hang in there. xo jen

  25. Hi Jen,
    I just started Lexapro 6 days ago and haven’t felt a huge difference yet but the side effects seem to be gone which I am happy about. I am hopeful to be able to enjoy life again without stressing and worrying about everything and constant negative thoughts that take over my life. I am on 5 mg now and will increase to 10mg in a few days. What dose do you take if you don’t mind me asking? Also, are you able to enjoy a glass of wine or two while taking it? I’ve been afraid to mix but I do love my wine and would hate to have to cut it out of my life. Congrats on your pregnancy, and thank you for encouraging those of us who go into this in the dark and afraid!

    1. I take 10mg, and thank you for the reminder as I haven’t been taking mine regularly. GAH! its been like two weeks. I do have wine with them and I have never had a problem. Glad yo hear that your body has adjusted to them and your brain, emotions, and such will be doing much better now. Best of luck to you. jen

  26. I read this post last year and just re-read it because my meds quit working. Everything you said was where I was at. Four kids, can’t get out of bed, sad…and I finally got the courage to go to the doctor and get new medication. What a Godsend. Thank you for sharing your truth and for giving me a piece of hope to return to when things aren’t so good. Xoxo

    1. Hi Katie,

      I hope you are doing better, and my apologies on the delayed response. Our brains totally need those pills to help us and I strongly believe that they do. If you ever want to talk about anything at all? email me at my personal email- jenglamgirl@gmail.com Blessings to you always, Jen

  27. Hello Jen! I know this post is sort of old and who knows if you will see my comment but I was just wondering how you are doing? Is the Lexapro still working for you? I’m so happy to hear that you were able to push through and get your life back! I recently started Lexapro (a few days ago) so I’m pretty skeptical but hopeful! Any update from you would be amazing 🙂

    1. Hi there, I haven’t been on mine for about 5 months, as I try to recognize this feelings when they creep in and I put my self in check if that makes sense. In other words, I do something about it. That doesn’t mean that A. I should stop taking them, or B. that I don’t have sad days or moments of feeling depressed. I just have really worked with my self emotionally to feel better on my own and again recognize when I start to slip down that dark hole. I have no reason as to why I stopped, just trying to do this happy content thing myself. I may start taking them again… will see. Best of luck to you on your mental health journey, and feel free to chat with me anytime. My email is jencraftomaniac@gmail.com Bless you, Jen

  28. Thank you so much for posting this. I am on medicine for my anxiety. I have had bouts of depression that came along with it too. It makes me happy to read your post and read the comments by others to know that I am not alone.
    Being on medicine can sometimes have a negative response from others, even those we love the most. So reading this post was comforting.

    Thank you for always being so honest and real about your life. I have so much respect for you. ❤️

    1. Hi Chantel,

      I agree there is like a astigmatism to meds. and when it something like mental illness, we need medication to help us. I believe that everyone for the most part suffers from some form of depression and/or anxiety. I think we can all use some help somewhere, and now a days with social media (and even for our youth) depression is stronger more then ever it seems. Social Media can really be beneficial if it is not abused, but it can also be damaging. Anyway, I hope your medications help you and I am glad this post has helped some too.

      All my happy healthy hugs to you, Jen

  29. I just stumbled onto this post. This is my second day of taking Lexapro. I have been feeling embarrassed and guilty for needing a medication, but what you said about not feeling ashamed, is comforting. I used to judge people who talked about suffering from anxiety. I thought they should just “grow up” and “snap out of it”. Then it happened to me.

    1. Hi Robin, I did too, I thought “Oh’ I am glad that isn’t me, or I don’t need that!” It was a terrible thing to think and feel, and I was wrong. I am glad there are medications out there to help with this mental illness and the anxiety that can cause panic attacks too. I hope you find with each day that you feel better and have more clarity and such. Blessings to you, Jen

  30. Hi. I came to your post after googling “I might me on Lexapro the rest of my life”. See I was always an anguished kid growing up, but nothing too serious. Then when I was 24 I had a big crises, became depressed and a huge anxiety disorder exploded. I didnt recognize myself. Thought I was going crazy, had to quit my job and spent one year recovering. I started taking Lexapro and it really saved my life. 6 years have passed and its been a long process recovering a positive self image, my self steem and trust in God and life. I improved a lot. The thing is I have tried to quit Lexapro and start feeling awful a few months after. Now Im not on it but my boyfriend was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago, he is okay now but the anxiety and depression returned strong very strong. I am thinking on going back to Lexapro, but cant help but feeling frustrated for having to take meds. I have worked a lot in my wellbeing, I meditate and Im spritual. Still, anxiety gets so so bad, I dont feel like myself anymore. I wonder if its ok to take Lexapro for the rest of my life, accepting the fact that I need it, that is OK. I am planning on having children in a few years and I cant imagine what it would be like having them feeling like this. My father abandoned us because of his depression and anxiety disorders. I cant risk it. Im afraid of long term effects for being on it, have read bad things about long term antidepressants but also know many people who have taken them all of their life and never had a problem. Also, im afraid of harming my baby during pregnancy while being on meds.
    Thank you so much for your post, it made me cry, the struggle is real. Wish i didnt feel so bad about returning to meds.
    Love and light

    1. Hi Danielle,
      Your comment left some tears in my eyes because I can hear and feel your fear and worry. I know all those same feelings, truly I do. I haven’t been on my meds for about a year and I totally need to go back on. I was trying for baby number 5 to completer our family and all though my doctor said taking my Lexapro was fine, I didn’t want to for my own personal health. Anyway, I didn’t end up keeping any of the “3” pregnancy as I lost them all within the last year and half. I have waited until my first real menstrual cycle has come back which it did last month since the last miscarriage. Now I am ready to get my meds refilled. I know they are needed I have super low days and the same bad thoughts creep in and when I was on meds I didn’t have those bad thoughts and low sad days. My hubby could also tell I was different “better” I would say take them, be back on them, and maybe you can take breaks from them here and there if you feel you have enough support and strength to do so. Anyway, I am sorry for any pain you are going through and feeling. Come follow me on instagram and “stories” I am there every day chatting and communicating with my friends there. I thing a good community is very supportive too. Find those things you love to do and be apart of. Be around those that inspire and lift you up. Hugs, and love, jen

  31. Hi Wendy,

    I sometimes get feeling that way as well (while on the meds) thats when I do something I enjoy, like creating, rearranging a space, DIY something, or I get out of the house, walks are great too. Maybe try a really good multivitamin. Best of luck to you. Hugs, jen

  32. I found your blog because I googled the words “Lexapro Miracle” to see if there are others who’ve experienced this life-changing medication too. I’ve struggled all my life with severe mental illnesses ranging from eating disorders, low self-esteem, erratic and impulsive behaviour, depression, anxiety- you get the picture. I went to my doctor a week before Xmas as I was feeling so lost, helpless and even contemplating suicide. He prescribed me Lexapro. I’m 3 weeks in and this is the most peace I’ve had in my mind for 40 years. I tried other anti-d’s in the past but found them intolerable. Lexapro has given my poor, tortured brain a release. Long may it continue x

    1. Hi Deb,

      Oh’ my gosh I wish I could reach through the screen and hug you. I went off Lexapro for awhile and then just recently for a few weeks was trying something new and I didn’t notice a difference, so today in fact I went back to my doctor and got back on Lexapro. I really hope you find peace of mind, comfort, joy in life etc. I wish you all those things and hope that this Lexapro carries you through. Bless you, jen

  33. I found your blog after googling how Lexapro has helped me. Your blog gave me hope!!! I am so inspired by you and hope Lexapro helps me like it has you! I have anxiety most of my life but after starting a full time job with two kids I spiraled out of control! I started having Panic attacks after the flu late Feb. and it has turned into mild depression . My Dr gave me 5 mg of Lexapro over a week ago and my OBGYN tried to give my Zoloft over a month ago. Your post gave me to courage to take my first Lexapro pill this morning! I was walking down the side walk on my lunch the other day and was very irritable and wanted to walk in the street but I didn’t! And that opened my eyes! This is not me am I Bipolar what is going on?!?!?! My mind won’t shut off and it scares me! I pray this Lexapro changes me for the better!

    1. Hello Candice,

      I had to up my Lexapro about 5 months ago right after the holidays. I went from 10mg to 15mg I have had one bad day since I’ve been on them, where I still got very depressed and had those same suicidal thoughts creep in. I quickly got busy and did something to ready the situation and take my focus off feeling down etc. All that said, they really do help and I can’t go without them a “Chemical imbalance” is a real thing. I am glad I inspired you to take Lexapro and perhaps you may need to up them to 10mg. I have never had any side effects from them “personally” thank goodness. I also thought perhaps I may be bipolar, so I asked my doctor about it a few months ago and he said bipolar are people who, lets say, one minute they are ripping up all their carpet and wanting to start some huge project mid day/night or they go out and spend a huge amount of money that they don’t have… then the next day, they shut down. He described it almost like your manic, I found that I didn’t fit that bill…and know I just deal with anxiety and depression. None the less, I am glad to hear you are taking steps to better your health and I am so glad you found my post and reached out to me. Please feel free to anytime. I am also very active on Instagram “Craftomaniac” I do insta stories nearly daily, feel free to dm me there too. Hugs, and best wishes. Jen

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