Merry Christmas and Share The Love and Kindness

Hello everyone,  I wanted to jump on my blog real quick (maybe) and wish you all a Very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, whatever or however you celebrate your holiday with friends, and family. I found myself earlier today responding to an article that was shared on FB via “BLAZE” about a ornery older woman spewing […]

A world full of so much hate!

  I guess what inspired me to write this post was the recent sadness that has happened to so many innocent lives in Florida latley. More specifically thinking about the little boy and the alligator. That horrific insident made me then think of all the controversy that was all over social media with the gorilla […]

{{9/11 Reflection}}

Its TRUE -NONE- of us will ever forget that tragic day. I am like no other when I can tell you exactly what I did that dreadful morning……. I was big and pregnant with my first born. My hubby had left super early that morning to work. I rolled (literally) my butt out of bed […]