How to Make Gummy Bears in 5 Simple Steps

No matter how old you get one thing remains true. Gummy bears are amazing. So, you hide yourself away in your walk-in pantry to eat them when your children aren’t watching. You know once they know you have the gummies, they’ll be gone. What if we told you that you can have an unlimited supply […]

Baked Turkey Cheesy Rigatoni

Oh’ my gosh, I tried this recipe last week and my kids went on and on and on about it. You know kids are the best and the most honest judges. Hubby and I loved it too. I pretty much winged this recipe using some ingredients I had on hand and Man’ Oh’ Man’ as […]

Weight Watchers Shepherds Pie Made With Cauliflower Rice

Hi friends, I have been doing Weight Watchers for about two months, its been slow going but so far I am down 7 lbs. It goes between 7-9 lost, so as I mentioned slow going. That said, WW is so freeing because you can still live and not feel suffocated by strict fad diets. etc. […]

Cheesy Taco Hamburger Bake

Hi friends, “What’s for dinner?” three words most us moms cringe to hear…. unless you have an easy, delicious, family friendly dinner… like this “Cheesy Taco Hamburger Bake.” Let me just put it this way… when my adorable stink of a six year old got out of his kitchen seat and said “Mom this is […]

Scalloped Potato Cheesy Hamburger Bake

Hello everyone, today I am sharing a super yummy, super easy, budget friendly, and “semi-homemade” dinner with you all. I am sharing this Scalloped Potato Cheesy Hamburger Bake. My kids adore this recipe and when my 8 year old loves something I make he always says ‘Mom can you put this on your dinner list” […]

16 Apple Dessert Recipes

Pumpkin always seems to steal the show when fall rolls around. But fall flavors don’t always have to involve pumpkin! I feel like apple is a great fall flavor as well. And just like pumpkin, pies aren’t the only dessert you can make using apples. There are so many different treats you can make using […]