Laundry Room Decor and Helpful Tips

Hello friends, today I’m going to talk about my laundry room and things you can use and do to make your laundry room not just pretty, but functional as well. Even if your laundry room is in a garage or unfinished room or basement, there are lots of things you can do to make it […]

Laundry Room Chalky Finish Shelf

Hi friends today I am sharing my “revamped” Laundry Room Chalky Finish Shelf. I have had this really long light yellow shelf forever, and I decided to use my super pretty DecoArt “Americana Decor” Chalky finish paint in the shade “refreshing” to revamp the shelf. The color is gorgeous, its truly a light refreshing mint […]

Great Tips on Purchasing Appliances for your Home

Is it finally time to replace your old appliance? Are you moving into your first house and making some big purchases? If you’re in the market for a new appliance, you may be looking for good deals on refrigerators, washers or a variety of other machines. A quality appliance looks good in any room, and […]

Help in The Laundry Room

I love a clean, fresh, inviting laundry room. Don’t you? and one day I will have a front loader, but for now my washer and dryer work just great. There are many different washing machines out there today. Today I am talking about¬†Speed Queen Laundry products are known internationally for their quality and durability. These […]

Home Decor The Laundry Room

Hi Guys, today I am sharing my laundry room in the new place.¬† First THINGS FIRST… the Laundry Room, while GREAT, doesn’t come with a window in it. Plus its located in a spot in the home where even on the sunniest day, there is no windows around shooting natural light in its direction. (sad […]

The Laundry Room Revisited

While up at SNAP and visiting the Queen Bee Market I bought a bunch of cute Cut It Out frames. I love them. You can paint them and do what you want with them. I changed up a few things in my Laundry Room. Such as adding a Cut It Out frame. I added fabric […]