Energy Efficient Appliance Shopping

Did you know that your appliances account for around 13 percent of your home’s energy consumption? Well it’s true, according to, with cooking, refrigeration and laundry appliances topping the list. There are several things that you can do to become more conscientious in your day-to-day habits in order to conserve energy and save on […]

3 Tips for Starting Your Kitchen Renovation

Image Source Here Alright so today on the blog it is all about “3 Tips for Starting Your Kitchen Renovation. Home renovation projects range from the little touch ups to complete remodeling projects or room additions. The best way to prevent problems is to take steps at the very beginning that minimize the chance of issues […]

What To Know Before Beginning The Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing Process

We all have been faced with something intimidating, especially when its something new, and something for our Homes. Today its all about; “What To Know Before Beginning the Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing Process.” The first thing that most people will notice about your home is the condition of its flooring. One of the most […]

Four ways to tell if your pipes are worn out

Picture Source Here Do you live in an old house? are you restoring an old house? Whether new or or old, today on COM its is all about “Four ways to tell if your pipes are worn out.”  Even though they don’t really have moving parts, the pipes in your home can (and will) wear […]

How to Get Ready for a Home Inspection

Image Source Here slash Google Are you preparing for a home inspection? Well today on COM its all about “How to Get Ready for a Home Inspection.” There are a few things that you can do in advance to make this inspection go as smoothly as possible and can help prevent any future problems from arising. […]

How To Improve Your Kitchen Without Breaking The Bank

Kevin and I have worked on our Kitchen makeover for over two years, doing everything ourselves and we still have one side to complete… baby steps. Wink. Today on COM it’s all about “How to improve your kitchen without breaking the bank.” If you want to upgrade your kitchen but don’t have much to spend, […]