Managing Moves to a Military Base While Minimizing the Melee

When you or your spouse is in the military, chances are your family will be uprooted multiple times throughout your career. You could even end up living overseas on a military base at some point. Whatever the circumstances, every move is stressful, especially when you have to sell a home as part of the transition. […]

5 Things Every New Home Needs

Today on the blog it is all about the “5 Things Every New Home Needs!” Moving home is one of the most stressful things that you can do in life. Whether it be packing everything up, getting your furniture from A to B, or figuring out where everything will go in your new home, the […]

Home Pests to Look out for This Summer

With summer coming around soon, it’s time to start looking out for common pests such as mosquitos and planning or day (and our homes) around repelling them. Pests can be both dangerous and annoying, so it’s always a good idea to look for ways to get them out of your life. In this article, we’re […]

New Home New Furniture, But Should It Come From An Online Store?

Nothing beats the feeling of waking up on moving day. Finally, all the paperwork is over with. This is the day you can collect your keys and start the new chapter in your life. Instead of just imagining it, you can finally start settling into your new home. But, it’s wishful to assume the stress […]

Why Your Home Can Benefit From Artificial Flowers

Gone are the dusty fake flowers that sat on your grandmother’s coffee table because over the past few years, artificial flowers, plants and trees have come a long way. Companies like Nearly Natural even employ horticulturalists to ensure that the artificial plants they so artistically make look completely real. From the White House to weddings, […]

Five Low Effort Poolside Landscaping Tips

On the blog today it is all about “Five Low Effort Poolside Landscaping Tips” As the days of summer wither away, you might be looking for new ways to engage your friends and family around the pool before the season ends. If having gatherings in the back yard around your pool seems daunting due to […]