Chipotle Ranch White Bean Chicken Chili

I know that is quite the title, but I wanted to make sure I got it all in.. because you all need to know how amazingly good this “chipotle ranch white bean chicken chili” is. I was putting some chicken in the crockpot the other day, and it started with just “Hmmm’ I think I […]

The 10 Best Fall & Winter Soups

Yum, yum, and triple yum. I am so looking forward to fall and September is just around the corner. That means more soups, Yes’ please! How about “The 10 Best Fall & Winter Soups”? I am all about yummy warm, tasty soups. They are a major comfort food too! Mmmmm a nice bowl of deliciousness […]

Top Ramen Mother Approved Sauce

Hello friends, today I am sharing something you moms and dads I think will happy about and approve of ¬†as well. “Top Ramen Mother Approved Sauce” and let me just say this first, these mom seasoned noodles are kid approved too! my kids always Ohhh and Ahhh if I make my rendition of Top Ramen. […]

Easy Chicken and White Bean Soup

Last night I told the hubs I wanted to make a yummy soup. So I checked the pantry to see what we had, pulled out the ingredients, and threw this soup together. “Literally!” BUT, don’t be fooled by the words “thrown together!” So I put this soup together knowing what would give it good flavor […]

Sweet & Savory Chocolate Chili

This chili recipe is great to make during this COLD winter, but it’s also great to make for your “Sweetheart” because it’s sweet and savory with chocolate chips in it.. Yup’ you read that correct. You and your sweetie can get all cozy on your couch and feed one another (he he) some.. DELISH- “Chocolate […]

10 Tasty Chicken & Broccoli Dinners

I love a YUMMY DINNER and a good blended mix of Chicken and Broccoli. PLUS its great for the kids to get in their veggies. I know that for me, my kids will eat the broccoli a lot better if its mixed in with other tasty flavors and chicken. Surprisingly enough, my daughter and two […]