7 Best Ways to Upgrade an Off-Road Vehicle

  Image Source Here Off roading is pretty dang fun and now that its summer, there are even more chances to do i with your friends, family, and have a blast.  Today on COM it is all about the “7 Best Ways to Upgrade an Off-road Vehicle.” Most vehicles are designed for wheel paved roads and […]

10 Simple Ways to Save Big on Your Cooling Costs This Summer!

10 simple ways to save big on your cooling costs this summer!   Picture Source Here As much as we all love summer, there’s nothing worse than a sweltering hot and humid day, except maybe your energy bill after blasting your AC. That’s why today on the blog, it’s not only about how to stay […]

The Top Best Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

Its right around the corner…”summer”! so to prep yourself and your family’s.. todays post is all about  “The Top Best Ways to Stay Cool This Summer”!  As much as everyone is craving those hot days and warm, humid nights, what people don’t enjoy is that oppressive heat that hits sometimes in the middle of summer. Beyond just […]

Bright Summer Porch Decor

I am so beyond excited for this post, I have been working on my Bright Summer Porch Decor (totally digging the “Bright theme”) for a couple of weeks. Each time I put out or set up a new item, I loved it more and more, it just kept coming together piece by piece, YEAH! All […]

Summer Water Party for Kids

A week and a half ago I put together a Summer Water Party for Kids. It was pretty darn easy, and kids are pretty darn easy to entertain too. Just provide some water balloons, capri suns, snacks, and friends and their happy campers. I went a bit farther and had a little bit more food, […]

18 Summer Fun Ideas

Summer Summer Summer time, Summer time! How do you not sing Will Smiths “Summer Time?” Today I have created a fun round up, “18 Summer Fun Ideas” EEEP!  tomorrow my kids have there last day of school. I am so excited for them! The end of the year is always fun for the kids. So […]