3 Easy Mistakes to Make When Looking for Top Quality Furniture

To see more of this room go here Furniture buying can be a tad stressful and frustrating, especially if your partner has different taste then you. That’s why today  it is all about “3 Easy Mistakes to Make When Looking for Top Quality Furniture.” Whether you are moving into a brand new home or have […]

4 Rug Designs That Are In Style

Today on COM its all about “4 Rug Designs That Are In Style.” When it comes to redecorating your home you might be wondering where to start. Choosing the furniture is easy, but what about the finer details when it comes to colors and accessories. Complementing your decor is a great way of building a […]

Top 5 Interior Home Design Trends For The Year 2018

It’s the new year, and that means a fresh start for many people. If your home also needs a fresh start, there’s no better time than the present to help give it a new look. That’s why today on the blog its all about “Top 5 Interior Home Design Trends For The Year 2018.” There […]

Vintage Rolling Pin Ideas and Decor

Hi Guys, I have had a love for old vintage rolling pins for sometime now, but more recently I have loved them more then ever. I believe its because my husband and I have made over our kitchen (still working on it) to a more cottage/vintage style. To me, there really is something exciting and […]

Colorful Vintage & Cottage Inspired Kitchen Makeover

Hello friends, today I am sooooo excited to bring you all my “Colorful Vintage & Cottage Inspired Kitchen Makeover.” My husband and I started making over our kitchen mid December, and we still have about 3-4 things left to do in the kitchen…. but baby steps because money don’t grow on trees. Right? DARN.  What […]

Terra Cotta Pot Mantel and Cottage Decor

Hello friends, its been sometime since I have shared my living room in our home. Therefore, I am sharing my “Terra-Cotta Pot Mantel and Cottage Decor.” We do have a living room that’s the first room you see and walk into in our home, and we have a family (tv room) downstairs. I have changed […]