DIY Embellished Initial Letter Stockings

Hi Guys, I can’t believe Christmas will be here in a week, WHAT? and I still have a few more things I want to share before then (sorry I am not ready to let go of this holiday). That said today I will be sharing  my  DIY Embellished Initial Letter Stockings. Since I went with a […]

Valentine Styled Home Decor

Hello There, today I am sharing just some touches of Valentine Styled Home Decor. I just added some pops of red and a bit more turquoise with the red. I already had the yellow, so I just kept it. I don’t mind some pops of color. I love color! Anyway, this was super easy since […]


Hi there YA’LL- OK- I am going to answer this question I get alot- via email. 😉  “WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR LONG SHELF?” HA- you guys crack me up. OK’ TRULY its fab. though right? TO ANSWER YOU all- “I GOT IT ON “CRAIGS LIST” under “HOUSEHOLD” LOVE CRAIGSLIST! ABOUT THE SHELF- an elderly woman […]