Boys SuPeR HERO Bedroom Makeover

Hello friends, today I am sharing my little boys super hero aka Batman and Superman bedroom makeover. I did not over do the theme in their room, but still gave it enough touches that you can clearly see they love batman and superman. I love the batman light above their bunk-bed, that I strung some […]

DIY Spray Painted Boys Desk

Compensation was provided by Ace Hardware via Mode Media. Hi all, It has been so fun continuing this on-going series with Ace Hardware, in updating my home and/or furniture pieces. With that said, today I am excited to share a super easy facelift, upcycle, DIY, whatever you want to label it. The bottom line is […]

Teen Boy’s Star Wars Room Part 1

Hi friend’s. Today I am sharing my teen sons “Star Wars” bedroom. I have two more walls in his room that I need to finish, so that will be in Party 2. However, I’m also sharing some super easy Star Wars night light’s if you have younger boys. My son uses his to store money, […]

Teen Boys Bedroom Part 1

This post is sponsored by Ace Hardware. All thoughts and opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Ace Hardware. Compensation was provided by BRAND via Mode Media. Hi friends, I am so excited to share my oldest son’s teen boy’s bedroom. I am shairng part of it, that is, as I am not […]

Boys Colorful African Aztec Bedroom

Hi friends, today on COM I am sharing my Boys Colorful African Aztec Bedroom. I got my tween (almost 13 teen) and little boys to all fit in one bedroom together (my poor oldest, hopefully soon he will have his own room). I have shared my boys room before here, but that was before I […]

Boys Bedroom Makeover Reveal

-Hello Friends-   I am sharing my  boys bedroom makeover today YAY!  Since we moved into our place in November last year, I haven’t done a thing with their room. I just wasn’t up to it with the holidays and everything else. I think spring came (kinda we have cold rain today) and then I got […]