How to Make the Most Out Of Your Gift Returns

Remember Taj Mahal. Perhaps the earliest of gifts that Shah Jahan gifted to his beloved. This was a gift that even the late queen Mumtaz couldn’t deny from heaven. This was a time when gift-giving was considered a symbol of prestige, symbol and everlasting relationship. The gifts were, usually mostly, priceless masterpieces. These were kept […]

8 Genius Jewelry Hacks Every Woman Should Know

  If nature is a woman, flowers are her jewelry. If ocean is a woman, Sun and moon are her jewelry. Like stars in the sky, jewelry adds even more glitter and sparkle to a woman’s look. Jewelry for a woman is much, much more than just a piece or a few pieces of ornaments. […]

5 Easy Hacks for Cleaning Copper Utensils within Minutes

Even though copper is considered as a noble metal which implies that unlike iron, it doesn’t rust. However, copper do is prone to corrosion and tarnishing. When a copper utensil is exposed to air for a long period of time, copper surfaces act vulnerable and react with the surroundings. Over years, these chemical reactions can […]

15 Awesome Home Hacks You Need to Know

It’s no secret that a good hack can be extremely helpful. And sometimes you learn of one that just makes you think ‘DUH!, why haven’t I been doing that all along?’. Pinterest is full of hacks of all kinds. From cooking, to cleaning, organizing, decorating, and even crafting. You can honestly find a hack for […]

15 Laundry Room Hacks

  Laundry can be such a daunting and overwhelming choir. Especially if your laundry room isn’t organized or being utilized in the best ways. These 15 Laundry Room Hacks should help get all that business in order so you can quickly get through your laundry and back to your day. The people who come up […]