5 Tips for Decorating Your Own Restaurant

When you go out to eat, it’s not just about the food – especially when you’re going to some of the more expensive and well-known restaurants. The ambiance and decor play a huge part in the overall experience, which is something to keep in mind if you’ve decided to open your own restaurant or are […]

Interior Design Tips to Help Bring Your Apartment to Life

Image Source Here Renters choose apartment lifestyles for many reasons. Apartments provide a noncommittal living space while saving for home ownership or serve as very low maintenance dwellings. Some prefer the community feeling of large apartment buildings or access to dense city conveniences. No matter the reason, apartment life is a part of life for […]

5 Easy Tips to Make Your Property Renter-Proof

Image found via Google Buying a property is a huge deal. It’s most people’s dreams to own a house, condo, townhouse, or anything where they can officially call home. For some, however, that property is quickly going to turn into their rental property. You could be renting it as a vacation rental, renting out a […]

How to Deal With Crawl Space Air

While you might not need to go into a crawl space frequently, you should make sure that they are safe when you do go inside. For many people, this means activities like removing spider’s webs or checking the lighting, but do you ever think about the air? In small enclosed spaces, it’s easy for the […]

Mold Removal Process

Mold growth is very common in places with high humidity and moisture. It is also common after a building or home has suffered from water and fire damage. Molds cannot be removed completely because microscopic mold spores live naturally in the air, be it indoors or outdoors. However, since they thrive on moisture they can […]

Four Foolproof Chemical-Free Oven Cleaning Hacks

Image Source Here Cleaning the oven is one of the more painful jobs to do in the kitchen, especially if it has been left for a while. Grease builds up quickly and thick in the oven, meaning you often need to purchase very heavy-duty cleaning products to get it sparkling again. This can be harmful […]