How To Improve Your Kitchen Without Breaking The Bank

Kevin and I have worked on our Kitchen makeover for over two years, doing everything ourselves and we still have one side to complete… baby steps. Wink. Today on COM it’s all about “How to improve your kitchen without breaking the bank.” If you want to upgrade your kitchen but don’t have much to spend, […]

Easy Tricks to Better Garage Organization

Spring cleaning is in are very near forecast, wink. Today on the blog its all about “Easy Tricks to Better Garage Organization.” Keeping a garage clean and cutter free, while keeping everything organized is something every homeowner wants. It can be challenging to storage everyday items out where they are easily accessible, while maintaining an […]

How To Know If There Is Water Damage In Your Home.

Today its all about “How To Know If There Is Water Damage In Your Home.” Gasp! No! those aren’t words you want to hear or read right? Honestly though, this post couldn’t come sooner as my husband and I came home from my parents house Sunday to find the vinyl planks below our kitchen sink […]

5 Common Landscape Lighting Mistakes DIYers Make

Hey everyone, welcome to the blog today it is all about “5 Common Landscape Lighting Mistakes DIYers Make.” GAH!  Landscape lighting strikes many people as an easy do it yourself project. Anyone can stick solar lights in the ground around the house or along the pathway. Most people can connect outdoor lights to existing outdoor […]

How Poor Plumbing Can Lead to Pests| Home Improvement

Part of owning a home is keeping it protected from damage and decay. Two of the largest issues homeowners face regardless of location are plumbing problems and pests, but did you the know that the two often go hand in hand? Leaky faucets, unhinged drains, and faulty piping are all excellent excuses for pests to […]

DIY Lets’ Cuddle Pillow

  Hi friends today I am sharing a darling pillow with you all. Its winter and seriously my feet and hands seem to stay cold all the time.. Sooooo I love to cuddle… cuddle up. Especially with my boo, and in our bed with flannel sheets, a good movie, and popcorn. I love winter, and […]