7 Easy Sewing Crafts

Today on the blog it is “7 Easy Sewing Crafts (perfect for this summer)” It’s incredible to think that sewing was used for just about everything in our communities. In the past, all pieces of clothing were sewn together to make the wonderful designs that we have now. While you don’t have to sew anymore […]

“3” Tips On Running A Craft Business From Home

      If you have ever wondered about a craft business at home, I hope that you find these “3 Tips On Running A Craft Business From Home” helpful. Skilled artists who can churn out stellar crafts like no other are assured to enjoy commercial success if they can manage to find an audience […]

Starting a Home Craft Blog that Pays

Have you thought about “Starting a Home Craft Blog that Pays?” Well keep reading because on COM today its full of tips… Let’s get started.  There is a lot to be said for taking various ordinary items and using them to create extraordinary ones. Home crafts can consist of a number of different things, from […]

4 Things You Can Do To Make Winter Craft Gatherings More Enjoyable

Today it is all about 4 Things You Can Do To Make Winter Craft Gatherings More Enjoyable Do you love getting together with fellow craft-lovers and letting the creative juices collectively flow to banish the winter blues? Craft gatherings at your home could offer great opportunities to socialize, learn from like-minded people, and stay warm […]

16 Colorful Craft Rooms

Having a creative space to work in is not only really nice and makes crafting even more fun, but it’s a great way to show off that creativity and put some flair into your home. Having a craft room is like a personal getaway where you can just go and do what you love and […]

Full Craft Room Reveal

Hello everyone, I have been putting off this post forever!!! It was alway’s just one more thing, I need to change this, add that, paint this.. and I finally told myself, “If you don’t take pictures and get it on your blog, you never will!” I blame it on my perfectionism problem. There are still […]