Valentine Living Room Decor| 2017

Hello everyone, I hope your new year has been off to a great start. Today I am sharing my Valentine Living Room Decor. I really wasn’t sure if I would decorate for Valentines this year, but once all of Christmas was packed, the place was dusted and cleaned, it was just way to bare and […]

What to Think About When Choosing a Restaurant for a Romantic Meal

Today it is all about “What to Think About When Choosing a Restaurant for a Romantic Meal” image via pinterest If an evening is full of one disaster or another, this is not going to be conducive to a romantic atmosphere. The best way to try and avoid disasters is to plan. Yes, there is space […]

DIY Candy Valentine’s

This year I ended up doing DIY candy Valentine’s. It tends to get a little bit more difficult to come up with “clever, one of a kind” no candy Valentine’s. So I went the easier route, scratch that, the easier route would of been to have bought pre-made candy Valentine’s. HA! Well I was at […]

DIY Yarn Pom Pom Pencils

Hi friends, I am excited to share these super fun DIY Yarn Pom Pom Pencils. These pom pom pencils are stinken cute, and were a hit when my daughter took some to school. A bunch of girls crowded her and all started asking her to make them one. We may put them together in cellophane […]

Shine Bright Valentine

EEP! I am excited to share this super cute valentine|Shine Bright Valentine. I was at Michael’s earlier today stocking up on some stuff I was out of, and then I ended up buying stuff that was just to cute to pass up, plus I found these darling glass bulbs with screw tops. GAH! they are […]

DIY Paper Layered Heart

Hi friends today I am sharing a simple and cute paper craft, this DIY Paper Layered Heart. I had the help making this cute heart with some great supplies from excel blades.  The mats are great, they don’t even show the cut marks from using the retractable blades. Plus the mats have this nice thickness and […]