A world full of so much hate!

  I guess what inspired me to write this post was the recent sadness that has happened to so many innocent lives in Florida latley. More specifically thinking about the little boy and the alligator. That horrific insident made me then think of all the controversy that was all over social media with the gorilla […]

Exciting Blogger News!!!

You all may have noticed that my blog is now on Porch! I’m excited to share that I’m now a part of Porch Gold, I’ll be doing lots of fun things over the new few months with Porch. Some of my posts will be featured on the Porch.com home feed, and you can read all […]

STEPPING UP on MY Soap Box Today

Well, its taken me several days to write this post, but I can’t stop thinking about it. I want to talk about somethings that have been bothering me….  I am a part of a few “crafter/diy” type groups on FB, and another blogger (I believe) put in her FB status..  “I stop following blogs when?” […]

{{Taking a step back!}}

This morning was yet again another early morning. Our new puppy was whining and awake around. 5:20 a.m. Hubby got up and tended to her. He then asked if I wouldn’t mind driving him to work right then, so he can get in his early morning workout? I whined a little… and then got up. […]

Loosing weight, my weight loss journey part 1

Hello my friends, I tell ya nothing can really prepare me for this post. “NOTHING.” I tremble a little, my heart pounds, and I begin to panic a little as my fingers drum the key board… EEK.. I am doing it! I am letting it ALL OUT THERE! I figured if I am going to share this information with […]

DIY Designed CraftOManiac bag for evo’12

I am so excited for the conference evo’12, and its just a little over a week away. Held up in gorgeous Park City Utah, hundreds of talented people, business’s, workshops, and lots of activities and fun. Yep’ I can’t wait!!! I am also so LUCKY to have such an amazing company Canvas Corp. sponsor my […]