10 Beautiful Christmas Tree Ideas

Hi friends, today I am sharing “10 Beautiful Christmas Trees.” I spent a lot of time on Pinterest searching ideas and searching Christmas Trees, and I have to say these are some of my favs. You know when you see a tree and you stop, GASP!, or say Oh’ my goodness” YEP! I hope you […]

A Donated Christmas Tree To the CJC

Hi friends, I have been anxious to share this experience with you all, a donated Christmas tree to the CJC. In all the years that I have been a blogger this opportunity I was given from The Christmas Tree Market, has to be one of my favs. About a month ago I recieved an email […]

DIY~ Styrofoam Glittered Christmas Trees

Hi guys I am excited to share with you this super fun  “Foam for the Holidays”  post on how I created my  DIY- Styrofoam Glittered Christmas Trees from blocks of Styrofoam.    This project was pretty darn easy, and it didn’t take a whole lot of time. The only thing is the “Glitter” Yes’ glitter […]

DIY Burlap Canvas Christmas Tree

Hey guys, so I mentioned on my FB page how I wanted to make some “crafted” Christmas Trees this weekend. Well I didn’t make multiple trees, not yet anyway. However, I did “one Christmas tree” Today I am sharing my DIY Burlap Canvas Christmas Tree!” I think she turned out pretty darn cute, and I think I […]

DIY Mini Hazelnut Christmas Trees & Christmas Decor

Hello there, we are still unpacking and putting stuff away in the new place and its little by little getting done. We have almost all the rooms done but four, ye-haw we are making progress. TODAY- I just had to put up Christmas, I couldn’t wait any longer. Even if I have to step over […]

15 Fabulous Christmas Crafted Trees

Hi Guys- Today I am sharing some Christmas Tree Inspiration. Hopefully it will get you crafting early before your Christmas Decorating or should I say “Decking the Halls.” Hey’ its never to early to get some Christmas Crafts made, am I right? So today I am sharing a round up of  “15 Fabulous Christmas Crafted […]