Top Activity Ideas For Energetic Kids

If your little ones are bursting with energy and raring to get up and go, then it can be difficult to keep them entertained and occupied, especially at the weekend and the school breaks. Kids are curious and inquisitive by nature, so it is up to you to plan activities and fun events that you […]

DIY Kids Eye Spy Jars

“This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Glad, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #pressnsealhacks” Hi friends today I am sharing a fun DIY Kids Eye Spy Jars. These were super easy and with stuff I dug up from my kids toys and […]

DIY Super Buddies Cupcakes

Have you heard of “ Disney’s Super Buddies? “well if you have kids particularly 8-10 yrs. and under.. they will love this movie. My “4” year old is obsessed and will play this darling Super Buddies DVD all day if I’d let him. HA! Well WA-HOO- you all can own this epic tail from the creators […]

Kids Activity- Dress Up Costumes

Sprout and I want to invite you to play dress up with your kids and have fun with them. Make believe with your kids and pretend to go on an adventure, hey… “A Pirate Adventure!” Arghhh! Or Play crazy silly Scientists in the lab, whatever your kids would like. There are so many fun dress […]

Kids Summer Craft ~ Create with Heat Transfer Vinyl!

Vinyl is so much fun, and my goodness now a days you can get so many colors. Not to mention glitter, flocked, metallic’s i.e. gold and silver. There are tons of colors to choose from. You can even get matted or glossy. Just an all around awesome selection! I also love creating with heat transfer […]

Totally Free Kids Water Day

You don’t have to go to the pool, a water park, or even the wet pad to have a super fun ” Totally Free Kids Water Day!” (you know- don’t drive car, don’t spend money on gas!) I know this isn’t rocket science.. but I just took some buckets filled them with water, added plastic molds, […]