Perfect DIY Hacks For Endless Festive Fun

As Christmas gets ever closer, your bank account may start to feel the strain of the festive season, and you might find that you are spending an increasing amount of time inside shopping centers or department stores browsing the shelves for hours on end. Purchasing every single gift is the furthest away from original that […]

Christmas Home Tour for 2018

Hello friends, today I am sharing not a bunch of pictures (see my instagram for that wink), but I am sharing a full Christmas Home Tour for 2018 “video.” A video is so fun, because it feels more like real life, and as if your are there walking around with me. Plus I love to […]

Merry Christmas and Share The Love and Kindness

Hello everyone,  I wanted to jump on my blog real quick (maybe) and wish you all a Very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, whatever or however you celebrate your holiday with friends, and family. I found myself earlier today responding to an article that was shared on FB via “BLAZE” about a ornery older woman spewing […]

Cozy Christmas Bedroom

Hi friends, Today I am sharing my “Cozy Christmas Bedroom”. I have to apologize right off the bat. I photographed my room early noon, there was plenty of natural light, but the sun made all the white look yellowy or even blueish. GAH! I did not want to re-take the photos, since I’d have to […]

Christmas Decor| Santa Baby

Hi friends, “Welcome”. I am so glad you stopped by COM… because today I am sharing my “Christmas Decor|Santa Baby”. I haven’t dont my Santa tree in 4 years, so I was eager to bring out all the red and all my Santa ornies and a few other Santa items. That said I did add […]

Pottary Barn Knock Off Advent Calender

Hi friends, its been awhile again. I am truly trying to grow (and have been growing YAY! ) my YouTube channel. What a fun place it is to share there, its Craft-O-Maniac in movement HA! Anyway, I’m bringing you my first Christmas DIY, A-Pottary Barn Knock Off Advent Calender. I was on Pottary Barn the […]