{CHEVRON & POLKA DOTS} re-furbished lamp

{A NEW LAMP GIVES NEW LIGHT} -BEFORE-   a burgandy shade colored lamp that I have had for years -AFTER- HOW TO IN A COLLAGE So I have this lamp sitting on my craft table (craft room nook coming soon) I was crafting a frame last night when I needed more light in the space, it […]

C.O.M. Fashion Friday- {Painted Chevron Earrings}

*something new to report on c.o.m.* FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO LIKE ME ON FB you may of read that now on C.O.M “Fridays” I am going to do Hand Crafted, re-fashioned… “Fashion Fridays!” It can be anything you have made relating to fashion, or something you re-fashioned and I want to feature you!!! You […]