Strawberry Cupcakes with Homemade Cream Cheese Frosting

Looking for a fluffy delicious cupcake with the best frosting ever? Well you came to the right place today! because I am sharing these tasty “Strawberry Cupcakes with “Homemade” Cream Cheese Frosting!”    The combination of these two flavors is like Strawberries and Cream! They taste light and delish. Plus I dressed them up nice […]

Candy Filled Bottle Valentine’s

Hi friends, Today I am sharing these cute and “sweet” “Candy Filled Bottle Valentine’s!” The cute bottles are from Oriental Trading . When I got them I new they would be cute with some sixlet’s or other small candies in them for Valentine’s day. My younger kids that are in school will be giving these to […]

Valentine Popcorn ~ Sweet and Salty

Hello there, today I am sharing a family favorite and a super easy treat anyone can make. I am sharing my Valentine Popcorn. This popcorn that is a perfect mix of sweet and salty.. not to mention super festive too, is a perfect treat to make. You can make this popcorn for any holiday just by […]

DIY Valentine Fabric Envelopes- and use them for a Valentine Advent

HEY GUYS, I am super excited to share this fun Valentine craft I made for  my kiddos. I have a tutorial and all. DON’T be afraid of sewing. HECK’ if I can do it, you can. I only do simple “SIMPLE” straight stitches.  This fun craft can be hung on your kids bedroom doors, or […]

You’re My Sweetheart- Song Lyric Painted Board

Hello there- I have been busy working on some fun Valentine Crafts. One craft I really wanted to make was a “Song Lyric Painted Board” I love this song called “Ho Hey” by the Lumineers. I crank it up whenever it comes on. I also had hubby download it on my phone, so I can […]

Entry way gets Valentine-ified

PPPPPPPPLEASE……  tell me I am {NOT THE ONLY ONE} who tweaks and changes things until you get exactly what you want? I would say that I am driving myself bonkers.. but I love doing this sort of stuff/THANG, so I will keep on the tweaking.  ANYHOO, my entry table which was recently posted along with […]