Handmade Clay Aztec Drop Earrings

Hi guys today I am sharing how I played with this super awesome Souffle Clay. Its called “souffle clay” because its softer to work with, then normal clay, which makes it better for jewelry creating. So I am sharing these “Handmade Clay Aztec Drop Earrings” that I made. I love all the different trendy colors […]

Blue Nile Diamonds~ Mother’s Day Earring Giveaway

Hello friends, today I am going to talk about these super pretty, sparkly, stunning earrings that I received from Blue Nile Diamonds. Sort of a Happy Mother’s Day to me. {Squeal!} I love these sterling silver shiny beauts. They catch and reflect the light and sun so well, and they just dazzle when they do. […]

C.O.M. Fashion Friday- Spray Painted Earrings- {Cherry Red}

Here is the “Before” earrings- a rusty gold that when worn blended in with my hair and you could hardly notice them. I love them so much… that… “CHERRY RED and Roses” sounded perfect to me. Think of how many earrings you have that could be that much more fab. spray painted a color you […]