C.O.M. Fashion Friday- BOW T-shirt Re-Fashion

Hello there! My name is Donatella and I recently started my blog – inspiration&realisation – where I share my crafting and refashioning addiction. I still can’t believe that today I’m here at C.O.M. Fashion Fridays: somebody pinch me, please (not all at once)!! Would you like a great “wow-factor” t-shirt  with about 20 minutes of work? You’ve […]

Handmade {{SIBLING}} shirts

EEK I AM SO EXCITED TO MEET  MY NEW LITTLE BUNDLE OF JOY. Just 19 days left. I had to make my other kiddos some shirts to wear on the very special visit they will make to meet their new baby bro.  So I purchased some clearance t-shirts at Walmart, and then purchased some heat […]