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A world full of so much hate!


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I guess what inspired me to write this post was the recent sadness that has happened to so many innocent lives in Florida latley. More specifically thinking about the little boy and the alligator. That horrific insident made me then think of all the controversy that was all over social media with the gorilla “Harambe” and that 2 year old little boy. So many people were outraged, angry, and down right nasty about the parents and saying how un-fit they were and that CPS should step in etc. I was blown away at how nasty people were. I am a mother of “4” and I get that we don’t have eyes all the way around our heads, and that little ones tend to jump around, dash off, and can be sneakier then the pink panther. I get it. Anyway, all of the recent things that have happened in Florida and with Harambe just have gotten me really thinking about “Hate” it realy is a “four” letter word, but the four letter word I really like is “Love.” 

I one time was talking to my little sister on the phone, and I told her, there is so much negativity on social media, that even the eCards and memes that people make and post, are smart alek, sarcastic, and mean spirited. What is going on with our generation and this un-happy day and age we live in? I don’t get it? are our kids to entitled these days? Are we as parent’s to lax? Are our phones taking over our lives and consmming us so much? Something has happened? Are we overly stressed out? Do we not make enough money? I know we all have stresses, worries, concerns, etc. Its in my family and extended family too. Are we drinking hatred water? I just simpley don’t know and I don’t get it. Now with all that said, I know that not everyone is mean, nasty, and awnry. I’m also not saying that there will never be bullies. There will always be bullies. I know happy people, and uplifting people are out there (my 10 year old daughter is a happy sparkling bubble of joy). There are lots of happy people in the world and there is a lot of good too, but we don’t hear or see enough of it!!!

These days even when I read something positive there are always so many haters in the comments. People, who somehow have forgotten or never learned the good ole saying- “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”. It’s really quit simple. I see and read a lot of things I may not like or agree with, and I simpley click away, click out, and move on. I don’t have to take the time to comment like a coward behind a screen or monitor and say something that in person I would never say to someones face. I remember reading fairly recently with FB adding new emoji’s to the comment section, and some were basically begging for a thumbs down icon. Which brings me to YouTube, I can’t beleive people actually take a second or two to click the thumbs down option. They could just as easily taken those seconds to have clicked out of the video and moved on. I am not asking or saying the world needs to be sunshine, butter cups, and unicorn rainbows, but it certainly would be nicer to see and read about more “love”!

There’s just to much hate and to much debate, and to much segregate (i meant to ryhm), and it needs to stop. I don’t want to get all religious on anyone, but Jesus was all about love, loving us all so much that he died for us, and he went threw tourment and torture to die for us. He loves and forgives and wants us to be happy. We all need to be more like Jesus. Or more like our sweet mother, grandmother, neighbor, someone you know in your life that is always happy, kind and a perfect example of a postitive uplifting person. All we truly need is more “Love!” That is all. Love, jen


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3 thoughts on “A world full of so much hate!

  1. Amen! Well said. It seems that teaching kindness has been confused with standing up for yourself by bashing others. (Which makes no sense.)

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