Pottary Barn Knock Off Advent Calender

Hi friends, its been awhile again. I am truly trying to grow (and have been growing YAY! ) my YouTube channel. What a fun place it is to share there, its Craft-O-Maniac in movement HA! Anyway, I’m bringing you my first Christmas DIY, A-Pottary Barn Knock Off Advent Calender. I was on Pottary Barn the […]

Rustic Advent Christmas Calender

Hi guys, before gobble til you wobble day hits us tomorrow, I am sharing my “Rustic Advent Christmas Calender.”  I will be back Sunday evening for COM Monday. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. If you are shopping, please be safe and have fun.  Supplies Needed: – large frame (29 inches x 45 […]

Top 12 Christmas Advent Calenders

Today I am sharing my favorite TOP 12 Christmas Advent Calenders! There is truly such a large variety of advent calenders out there, that there is something for everyone to enjoy. You don’t have to just do a 25 days too, you can easily do the 12 days of Christmas.ENJOY! So here we go.. Advent Felt Pouches […]