DIY Bunny Candy Jars

Hi guys, Today I am sharing a super darling Easter project, DIY Bunny Candy Jars. These would be cute for your neighbor, or to take to the host of Easter Dinner. Best part I filled them with mini cadbury eggs.. because there the best! I also loved the chalky sort of color and texture of […]

"TO MY PEEPS" – Neighbor Gift!

I THOUGHT OF THIS IDEA while peacefully unloading the dishwasher. HA! then I vented the idea to my hubby, and his response first was “How Cute!” (gotta love him.) Then he said right after that… “Where do you get this stuff?” I laughed and said My brain! HA! So this is another super easy “INEXPENSIVE” […]

{{Easter Table Treat Favors}}

Are you hosting Easter Dinner at your  home this year? Well I am! and its going to be colorful, tasty, and fun. I made these simple and sweet “Easter Table Treat Favors.” You can place them on your guests plate, or leave them in a basket and they can grab them when they go. I […]

Guest Post- {Make Large Peep Topiaries} from The Seasonal Home

Eileen Bickerstaff blogs about “the ART of decorating around the JOY of celebrating… but on a budget” at  During the holidays, she designs and decorates for both residential and commercial clients, but her favorite things are being a mom to her 4 boys, designing in her home and inspiring creativity in others.  Her creative […]

~DIY~ Hippity Hop Colorful Easter Board

Hello Ya’ll …….First things“first“….. please please forgive me, my grammar or wait punctuation is not perfect. So, if you make this take out the apostrophe in “it’s” You see my grammar/punctuation is so bad I would of never known that I was a lame wad including the apostrophe. I only new because of some comments […]

{{Brown Bag Bunny Treat Bags}}

I wanted to take a treat to all the extended family that will be at the Park for Easter Sunday dinner and the fun Egg hunt. So I put together “Brown Bag Bunny Treat Bags” and wanted to share them with you all in case you decide to make some yourselves or something similar.  HOW […]