Tips for Being Environmentally Friendly When Cooking

  There are a lot of things you can do to be greener around the house. Fixing cracks in your windows can help lower your energy bill by a substantial margin. Lowering your thermostat by one degree produces the same effect. However, there are even more things you can do to go greener in the […]

8 Tips To Keep Pests Out of Your Kitchen

  Your kitchen is where your food and all the nooks and crannies are, which makes it the most vulnerable to pest infestation. There is nothing as off-putting as having a housefly drop into your pancake batter or fruit flies buzzing all around your fruit basket. They make your kitchen unsanitary for food production and […]

Why You Should Use Tiles and What To Remember When Installing It

Hey guys, today on the blog it is all about “Why You Should Use Tiles and What To Remember When Installing It” Image Source Tile is an incredibly versatile type of flooring. It can be used on floors, counters, walls, and even as a back-splash. Thanks to the many different types of tile available, you […]

3 Tips for Starting Your Kitchen Renovation

Image Source Here Alright so today on the blog it is all about “3 Tips for Starting Your Kitchen Renovation. Home renovation projects range from the little touch ups to complete remodeling projects or room additions. The best way to prevent problems is to take steps at the very beginning that minimize the chance of issues […]

How To Improve Your Kitchen Without Breaking The Bank

Kevin and I have worked on our Kitchen makeover for over two years, doing everything ourselves and we still have one side to complete… baby steps. Wink. Today on COM it’s all about “How to improve your kitchen without breaking the bank.” If you want to upgrade your kitchen but don’t have much to spend, […]

Vintage Rolling Pin Ideas and Decor

Hi Guys, I have had a love for old vintage rolling pins for sometime now, but more recently I have loved them more then ever. I believe its because my husband and I have made over our kitchen (still working on it) to a more cottage/vintage style. To me, there really is something exciting and […]