Top 12 Christmas Advent Calenders

Today I am sharing my favorite TOP 12 Christmas Advent Calenders! There is truly such a large variety of advent calenders out there, that there is something for everyone to enjoy. You don’t have to just do a 25 days too, you can easily do the 12 days of Christmas.ENJOY! So here we go.. Advent Felt Pouches […]

Advent Calender from Recycled Baby Food Jars

So about three weeks ago I mentioned on FB how I thought of something really cute (i think anyway) to make for Christmas. I have hung onto baby food jars for so long now that I had exactly “25” saved up WA-HOO! I had mainly large baby food jars, but I did have some small […]

{Haunted House Advent Calender} w/ Elmer’s Giveaway

I was super excited when a large package was delivered to my door a few days ago. Elmer’s sent me some more goodies…. p.s. stay tuned an Elmer’s Giveaway to follow…… SO HERE IS MY Haunted House Advent Calender.   I started with my Elmer’s tri-fold- styrofoam board. I new the minute I pulled it […]

Halloween COOKIE sheet Advent Calender

I MADE THIS LAST YEAR~ BUT want to do a totally new one this year. However, here is the one from last year. Made of candy, sticker’s, and “peeking” googly EYES! I used a cookie sheet, scrap paper I had, orange gift wrapping ribbon (come on’ I was using what I had) candy, glue stick, glue […]