Watermelon Heart Pops!

Oh’ can you feel it? summer is almost here, and the melons are already at the grocery stores. Watermelon is a favorite of mine and my kids! and even though summer isn’t here yet, we just had a bbq this past weekend. Yum! and you better believe it, watermelon was definitely one of the items […]

10 Tasty Mouthwatering Treats

If its to hot outside to be outdoors, and there no close pool or lake by, or perhaps you are one of the ones dealing with loads of rain.. well then here are some Tasty Mouthwatering Treats to get you baking and playing in your kitchen. Heck’ grab your kiddos, put an apron on them, […]

10 Summer Time Treats

It’s summertime, and the treats are easy (song lyric change) Ha!  Mmmmm, I love a yummy treat, and with summer here and our kids home from school,  its a great time to get in the kitchen with your kids and make something sweet. Today I am sharing  10 Summer Time Treats. Plus as you will see […]

10 St. Patrick’s Day Treats

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up real soon, and nothing is funner then playing Mr. (or Mrs.) Leprechaun for the kiddos. Like dieing the toilet water green, going on a treasure hunt to find the pot of gold, or making green pancakes, or even serving them up a bowl of Lucky Charms… etc.  Well you all are in “Luck” today, […]

Captain Crunch Confetti Bars

Hello Friends- Today I am sharing a yummy treat with you all. Sort of a twist on your traditional Rice Krispie Treats. I will be honest I am not a huge fan of Rice Krispies and I also have never been to big on Rice Krispie Treats….. However, my children and my hubby adore the cereal […]

Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes

Hey Friends- Today I am sharing A Killer Delish Cupcake Recipe (well kinda) I bought a Pillsbury Orange Creamsicle Cupcake Mix, as well as the Orange Creamsicle Frosting at Walmart.  …So I am sharing some yummy..  “Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes”  The box suggests two ways to make the cupcakes one with 3 eggs or one with 4 egg […]