7 Steps To An Even Better Home Life

Having a family is rewarding and it can also be a challenge to manage once in a while. The success of your home life will depend upon how much time and energy you’re willing to dedicate to improving it on a regular basis. Stop blaming someone else and pointing the finger, and instead learn ways […]

Top Activity Ideas For Energetic Kids

If your little ones are bursting with energy and raring to get up and go, then it can be difficult to keep them entertained and occupied, especially at the weekend and the school breaks. Kids are curious and inquisitive by nature, so it is up to you to plan activities and fun events that you […]

Recommended Child Car-seats, Restraints and Seat-belts

For you parents or guardians today on COM is a great resource for “Recommended Child car seats, restraints and seat -belts.” Image source here It is vital that you check the law in your state to ensure your child seat and other car restraint systems comply. These regulations are designed to optimize the safety of […]

Mosquito Squad Summer Safety Tips

Hi friends, this post is for any of you mamas, parents, guardians, etc. “Any” of you who want to protect your kids and families this summer. Today I am sharing all about the #ProtectMySquad contest as well as the importance of mosquito protection. To learn more about mosquito protection this is a great link to […]

The Most Painful Day of my Life

Hi friends, I thought its been long enough now and that I have the strength to share my miscarriage story. Yes’ If you didn’t know I was pregnant, I was. September 21st was my 38th birthday and my husband and I decided since my “Chemical Pregnancy” back in April this year, that we would try […]

Gossiping equals Bullying

Very recently I found myself aka “Craft-O-Maniac” on a gossip forum (via my YouTube channel), and like a curious idiot I looked again last night on “Mother’s Day.” I thought for sure that the gossip again “bullying” about me was removed because I hadn’t seen it when I shared this on Instagram about a week […]