Healthy Snacks to Excite Your Child’s Appetite

  The view of yummy and refreshing fruits growing in the garden can be seen through Home windows Toronto. Kids viewing such site often get excited and demand to eat such delicious-looking food. Organic foods are safe to eat and have better nutritional content.  One of the toughest tasks that every mother has to do […]

Know These 7 Famous Dishes of Japanese Cuisine

Japan prides itself on its culture-rich places and blossom-filled attractions. It is also known for interesting and exotic flavors, such as the octopus flavored ice cream. Japanese cuisine is famous for their fine presentation and unique ingredients. If you are a traveler, food tasting is surely one of your itineraries. And if you are bound […]

The Best "Skinny" Chips Ever~ Thanks to Green Giant

Guess What? Green Giant.. has a GIANT surprise!…. New and totally delicious “Veggie Chips“ (“Preston” Dad’ stop hogging the chips! share them, they are soooo good, I want more!) From the time I was very young…. I loved chips and my mom used to joke while I was in High School, that I could put away […]

Tastefully Simple Food Assortment Giveaway

I was one lucky girl when I was sent a box full of Tastefully Simple foods and seasonings from Kristy Enloe. I have seriously enjoyed everything I have gotten to make and eat. My family sure has enjoyed the yummies too. Today I am sharing my review of these delicious foods, and GUESS WHAT… {?} […]

DELISH- Catfish Po’Boys Sandwhich

Hi Craft-O-Maniac Readers!  I’m Natalie from A Turtle’s Life for Me and I’m back with more yummy goodness that will hopefully have you running to your local grocery store because you just have to make this recipe! My family actually didn’t grow up eating very much seafood, but my husband’s family was the complete opposite!  […]

Make a Delicious Strawberry Cheese Danish

Hi, CraftOManiac readers! I’m Natalie from A Turtle’s Life for Me, and I’m so tickled to be one of COM’S Contributors. My title is the “COOK/BAKER”. Today I will be sharing all of my kitchen creations!  I’m a dump-and-pour kind of cook (much to my husband’s frustrations!), but I’m trying my hardest to get better at […]