It is Easy to Save Money on Your Hobbies

Image source found here We all have hobbies. They’re what keep us sane. Because if all we did was work, eat, and sleep, life would be pretty boring. And we’d all probably be so much more stressed out than we are already. Now that’s saying something! But hobbies aren’t only important to give us a […]

Get Crafty At Christmas

Image source With the festive season just around the corner, we are all looking for the perfect presents for families and friends. But as the trips to the shops or online marketplace start to stack up so do the expenditures, a toy here and a hamper there suddenly starts to look more like you’re going […]

Why You Should Have Attached Bathrooms at Your New House

Today on the blog it is all about “Why You Should Have Attached Bathrooms at Your New House.” There is a lot you can do to make sure you won’t regret moving to a new home. First, make sure every room is perfect. Look for elements that cause inconvenience after you move in. While many […]

The Link Between Food & Mental Health

It should not really come as much of a surprise that food can and does have a profound effect on one’s mental health, but what might be somewhat less clear is just how much of an effect it can have, or in how many ways it can do so. Whether or not you feel yourself […]

Must-Have Equipment for Photographers

Today on COM it is all about the “Must-Have Equipment for Photographers” Whether you’re an amateur photographer who loves taking photos as a hobby, you’re an amateur looking to transition to professional photography, or you’re already a professional photographer who wants to up your game, there’s a lot to know and a lot to learn. […]

How to Clean Your House Fast and Properly

In today’s day and age, cleaning the house is one of the last things you think of. After all, there’s work, there’s the family, and spending quality time with them. Not to mention that you also need some time for yourself in order not to go crazy. Still, cleaning is an essential part of any […]