How Poor Plumbing Can Lead to Pests| Home Improvement

Part of owning a home is keeping it protected from damage and decay. Two of the largest issues homeowners face regardless of location are plumbing problems and pests, but did you the know that the two often go hand in hand? Leaky faucets, unhinged drains, and faulty piping are all excellent excuses for pests to […]

4 Rug Designs That Are In Style

Today on COM its all about “4 Rug Designs That Are In Style.” When it comes to redecorating your home you might be wondering where to start. Choosing the furniture is easy, but what about the finer details when it comes to colors and accessories. Complementing your decor is a great way of building a […]

3 Simple Ways To Perk Up The Living Room

Today on COM it is all about “3 Simple Ways To Perk Up The Living Room …. without breaking the bank The living room is fundamentally the centerpiece of anyone’s home: it’s the room that all your guests will see, and the room people spend the most time in. That’s a lot of pressure when […]

DIY Lets’ Cuddle Pillow

  Hi friends today I am sharing a darling pillow with you all. Its winter and seriously my feet and hands seem to stay cold all the time.. Sooooo I love to cuddle… cuddle up. Especially with my boo, and in our bed with flannel sheets, a good movie, and popcorn. I love winter, and […]

Top 5 Interior Home Design Trends For The Year 2018

It’s the new year, and that means a fresh start for many people. If your home also needs a fresh start, there’s no better time than the present to help give it a new look. That’s why today on the blog its all about “Top 5 Interior Home Design Trends For The Year 2018.” There […]

10 Lovely Flower DIY Projects

Hi friends, its been awhile since I’ve had a moment to sit down and curate a new and fab round up for you all. Christmas was wonderful for my family and I hope it all was for yours too. That said, like ever year it already came and went.. kind of sad. Anyway, before we […]