16 Home Ideas For A Beautiful Kitchen

Image source Shutterstock Whether you like cooking or not, you’d like to make your kitchen a pleasant space. On top of kitchen appliances, many people long for a kitchen design that will last for many years to come. More importantly, you’d want something that is tailored to your family’s needs. Whether you’re looking for inspiration […]

Different Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods Professional Companies Follow

Today on COM it is all about the “Different Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods Professional Companies Follow” Carpet cleaning must be an essential part of your lifestyle, literally. It is one piece of your house that is hundred percent mistreated unintentionally – most walked upon, spews target, absented- minded food spills, pet pee, mud, dust, […]

Great Ways to Advertise Your Home Business

Image Source Many of us spend time at home crafting. You might have a small home office or craft station. You might even sit practicing your hobby on the coffee table in front of the TV. Some of us sit crocheting as we watch our children at swimming lessons, or in the car as we […]

How To Paint A Stone Fireplace on A Budget

You’ve redecorated your living room and it looks amazing! With a fresh coat of paint on the walls, new furniture, and a brand new big screen TV you’re ready to to sit, relax and enjoy, right? But wait. What’s that looming in the corner of the room? Your old, outdated stone fireplace definitely does not […]

DIY Bug Bag With Cricut Infusible Ink

Hello friends, I am super excited to share something new to the wonderful world of Cricut and Cricut Design Space. Eeeee! what is it? their new “Infusible Ink” it is ink that has been infused onto thick card stock paper. WHAT? Yep!  What You Do: You get on Cricut Design space, create/design what you want […]

A Smile Worth A Thousand Words & Giveaway

Hey friends, its true a smile is worth a thousand words, but probably not if your smile is yellow, green, or fuzzy. HA! am I right though? I recently got the pleasure of getting to review a toothbrush, that I absolutely love, and I have to share it with YA’LL because if you love something […]