5 Ideas to Help You and Your Family Beat the Summer Heat

5 Ideas to Help You and Your Family Beat the Summer Heat   Summer is an exciting time for you and your family until everyone gets too hot. Then, the oppressive temperatures tire you and your kids out. Incessant whining about the heat gets on your last nerve, and you begin to wonder why you […]

Fed Up Of Getting Stuck In The Procrastination Web? Here’s How The Internet Can Actually Boost Creativity

Most creative people have clear-cut rules about the internet. How else can we get our heads down and actually make anything worthwhile? To us, the internet is a sticky web, and we’re the flies which forever get caught in it. Even one quick search can lead to hours of wasted time and, sorry it to […]

The Hidden Costs Of Running a Business And How To Plan For Them

If you’re looking to start a new business, this can be an exciting yet daunting experience. The dream of becoming an entrepreneur and running your own operation comes with many obstacles but if you plan ahead, setting up can be fun and rewarding from the outset. One of the things that is often underestimated when […]

Top Activity Ideas For Energetic Kids

If your little ones are bursting with energy and raring to get up and go, then it can be difficult to keep them entertained and occupied, especially at the weekend and the school breaks. Kids are curious and inquisitive by nature, so it is up to you to plan activities and fun events that you […]

Cricut Maker Simple Fabric Bunting

Hello friends, I am back again with another Cricut post talking about another great feature that comes with the sleek and amazing Cricut Maker, and that is the Rotary blade. Its sleek, its rotates, spins, cute, and does all your cutting for you. Every cut is flawless, so for example if you wanted to make […]

3 Fun Things to Build From Leftover Plumbing PVC Pipes

  When you hear of PVC pipes you probably start thinking, where can I find plumbers near me in San Jose, and you would be forgiven for doing so. However, there are loads of other things that PVC pipes can be used for if you employ a little creativity. We share only three out of […]