Vintage Rolling Pin Ideas and Decor

Hi Guys, I have had a love for old vintage rolling pins for sometime now, but more recently I have loved them more then ever. I believe its because my husband and I have made over our kitchen (still working on it) to a more cottage/vintage style. To me, there really is something exciting and […]

Colorful Vintage & Cottage Inspired Kitchen Makeover

Hello friends, today I am sooooo excited to bring you all my “Colorful Vintage & Cottage Inspired Kitchen Makeover.” My husband and I started making over our kitchen mid December, and we still have about 3-4 things left to do in the kitchen…. but baby steps because money don’t grow on trees. Right? DARN.  What […]

15 Neutral Kitchen Decor Ideas

With fall coming up around the corner, changing up the decor around the home gets tempting. It’s usually going from colorful, whimsical, and bright summer styles to more of a neutral, comfy, and warm fall and winter style. Even without the seasonal decor! And they say that the kitchen is the heart of the home […]

Farm Kitchen Chalkboard Painted Wall

Hello friends, I have shared on instagram that I was painting a wall in my kitchen to a chalkboard painted wall, and today I am sharing it. I also want to mention that I have a cute galvanized farm like hooded light fixture still coming. When it arrives it will hang above my kitchen table, […]

DIY Above Oven Open Shelving

Hello friends, my goodness its been way to long since I have posted something. I just get in a down hill rut, and I don’t know what to blog about? I don’t know if anyone is even coming by the blog reading or looking? I don’t feel creative at all, I just don’t feel it […]

DIY Revamped Rustic Kitchen Table

Hi guys, I am thrilled to share mine and the family’s new DIY Revamped Rustic Kitchen Table. We took our existing kitchen table and revamped it. They hubby and I were a good team getting it all done. WA-HOO!¬†We did away with the old kitchen chairs, they themselves had a few revamps of their own. […]