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How To Improve Your Kitchen Without Breaking The Bank

Kevin and I have worked on our Kitchen makeover for over two years, doing everything ourselves and we still have one side to complete… baby steps. Wink. Today on COM it’s all about “How to improve your kitchen without breaking the bank.”

If you want to upgrade your kitchen but don’t have much to spend, you have a few alternatives. You can focus on the big stuff, and upgrade major appliances, however, this is very costly on minimum funds. You can choose to do DIY projects, but you are limited on certain facets (plumbing, electrical, etc.). Or, you can do a combination of these things. Let’s see some ways you can give your kitchen a fresh new look, even if you don’t have too much to spend.

Consider a tradesman –
Rather than hiring a professional kitchen remodelling company that is going to charge you fee after fee for little tasks, consider using an online review site to find a reputable tradesman instead. They can do plumbing work, painting, flooring, install new backsplash, or electrical work in the home, which you aren’t qualified to do. And, they will run a fraction of the price you would pay for a big-name, professional kitchen renovating company.

DIY-it –
If there are some simple tasks you can do yourself, do them. You can find how-to guides on sites like Youtube. From refinishing and staining your cabinets, to removing a panel and adding a glass-window to create see-through cabinets, or installing double-sided backsplash, there are several projects you can undertake yourself. This is a great way to give your kitchen the personal touches you want to see and do so for a very low price.

Consider used (or choose secondhand appliances) –
If you want new appliances, consider used. You would be surprised that there are people who do upgrade their appliances every 6-months to 1-year. In these cases, you can buy refurbished, or ‘like new’ conditions, for half the price of a brand-new model, or even less. And yes, you can get the stainless-steel finishes, and upgrades you want to see in the kitchen, when purchasing these appliances. If you choose this route, make sure you get extended warranties, and the companies you buy from, back up the product/functionality, for a specific period after you purchase them.

Consider finishes –
When it comes to new flooring, linoleum or other materials which aren’t ‘genuine’ hardwood, or quartz, mineral (and other costly finishes) not only look like the ‘real-thing’, they are also much cheaper. So, consider alternatives to the pricey finishes, and cut back in the areas which you can. This will greatly reduce the overall cost of renovating a kitchen.

The home’s bathroom and kitchens are the most expensive areas of the home to renovate. You can take a few shortcuts, and use cheaper-solutions when renovating, to help minimize those costs. You will not only achieve a similar effect, you can do so for a fraction of what it would otherwise cost you if you were to pay full price when renovating this room in your home. In addition to achieving the finishes and detail work you want to see throughout your home’s kitchen, you will also see the personal touches from the DIY projects and work you choose to do in the home yourself.

Good luck, and remember it doesn’t all happen over nigh. 


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