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Vintage Rolling Pin Ideas and Decor

Hi Guys, I have had a love for old vintage rolling pins for sometime now, but more recently I have loved them more then ever. I believe its because my husband and I have made over our kitchen (still working on it) to a more cottage/vintage style.

To me, there really is something exciting and fun in vintage finds. I imagine a cute mother/grandmother in her darling apron working away on her homemade dough for baked bread or cookie dough for some Christmas time baking.. all the while using her handed down rolling pin from her own mother or grandmother. The stories that these vintage rolling pins could tell, and the savory surprises and treats that came out of them. Oh’ I just love it.  

All these things and more, are why I love old, vintage items, and the history behind them all.

Today, I am sharing some great “Vintage Rolling Pin Ideas and Decor.”

Vintage Rolling Pins Collagetext

Vintage Rolling Pin Ideas 14

DIY Vintage Rolling Pin Wall Art| Source Here

Vintage Rolling Pin Ideas 12

Vintage Pie Tins and Rolling Pin Tiered Tray| Source Here

Vintage Rolling Pin Ideas 8

All Colorful Rolling Pins in Teal Container| Source Here

Vintage Rolling Pin Ideas 13

Wood Rolling Pin Display| Source Here

Vintage Rolling Pin Ideas 10

DIY Rolling Pin Apron Rack| Source Here

Vintage Rolling Pin Ideas 16

DIY Rolling Pin Hand Towel Holder| Source Here 

Vintage Rolling Pin Ideas 15

DIY Rolling Pin Utensil Holder| Source Here

Vintage Rolling Pin Ideas 9

DIY Rolling Pin Plaque Display| Source Here

Below is how I have styled/displayed some of my vintage rolling pins. 

Vintage Rolling Pin Ideas7 Vintage Rolling Pin Ideas6

Vintage Rolling Pin Ideas4

Vintage Rolling Pin Ideas 11

Source Link Here

That’s a wrap… soy as the sign says above just roll with it. 

I hope you all enjoyed, thanks for stopping in today.

xo jen

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One thought on “Vintage Rolling Pin Ideas and Decor

  1. What excellent tips to reuse the rolls that are in disuse, good that do not go to waste, money saving and nature help, congratulations for the initiative.

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