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Colorful Vintage & Cottage Inspired Kitchen Makeover

vintage cottage style madeover kitchen30Hello friends, today I am sooooo excited to bring you all my “Colorful Vintage & Cottage Inspired Kitchen Makeover.” My husband and I started making over our kitchen mid December, and we still have about 3-4 things left to do in the kitchen…. but baby steps because money don’t grow on trees. Right? DARN. 

What we have done so far- is remove the cupboards off our main largest section of cabinets, removed the small crown molding at the top of the cabinets and added chunky molding using a nail gun. We then used Rustoleum chalk paint in “Linen White”(my go to always) for all the upper cabinets. We also added spindles to the open cabinets and I sanded the spindles, as well as the crown molding and to some of the cupboards too. We removed the metal puff tin back splash and did the small subway tile with a medium grey grout. All the light fixtures in the kitchen were replaced. The main one on the ceiling we put that together by finding the galvanized light fixtures on Amazon and mounting them to a real piece of barn wood that was stenciled with the word “Farmhouse.” We also made the light fixture over the sink, and the main light piece was found on an eBay search.  Finally the light fixture above the kitchen table was also found on Amazon doing a galvanized farmhouse light fixtures search. wink. 

This past weekend we painted the bottom cabinets this gorgeous “Comforting Green” paint color by Behr. I picked the paint and primer in one in a matte finish. I also did some sanding on some of the doors. We used an electric sander, and when the paint was about 80% dry we carefully sanded the tops to two of the larger cupboards making them the most sanded ones. Then we hit just the sides on all the other cupboards with a lighter sanding. We left the drawers un-sanded because we didn’t want it to look to busy. If the drawers do chip over time, then it will look like it was supposed to be chippy (one of the beauty’s to chippy, farmhouse, cottage, rustic decor) Boom.  

All in all, I am so happy with the changes we have made thus far. I still need to paint the ceiling white, along with two other walls. Add either a larger semi colorful rug to the center of the kitchen or two small Pioneer Woman colorful rugs to the sink front and one for the fridge. We also will be building some built in seat benches that will hold storage to our eating area. As well as changing the chalkboard wall to white ship lap, as to open up the space and make it look lighter brighter and bigger. That will be a later post. 


small home tour13

vintage cottage style madeover kitchen25

small home tour12

vintage cottage style madeover kitchen2

diy above oven open space1

vintage cottage style madeover kitchen19

vintage cottage style madeover kitchen22

vintage cottage style madeover kitchen18

vintage cottage style madeover kitchen6

vintage cottage style madeover kitchen4


vintage cottage style madeover kitchen14

vintage cottage style madeover kitchen8


vintage cottage style madeover kitchen15

vintage cottage style madeover kitchen27

vintage cottage style madeover kitchen17

If you guys have any questions specifically about anything you see, leave me a comment and I will be sure to ask. I will share more of the kitchen makeover as we go.

Thank you for stopping by today. 

Hugs, jen


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14 thoughts on “Colorful Vintage & Cottage Inspired Kitchen Makeover

    1. Thank you so much Jenny. Its been so fun to walk into the kitchen and see it all re-done. xo jen

  1. Hi Jen, love the new cabinet color. The kitchen does evoke a happy feeling❤️
    Great job! I usually watch you on utube, love your channel and look forward to seeing the new,creative things you come up with. I wanted to ask you about the open cabinet above the microwave. I LOVE that little nook for decorating. Did you have duct work to deal with? Did you make a false wall to cover it? It looks awesome, please share your secret,lol. Thank you, Esther

    1. Hi Esther, There is some drilled wholes for just the microwave plug/chords. We simply added the cut to size pallet wood and nail gunned it in. I did paint the cubby all white first. I used a cutting board to hide the chord to the microwave. The oven work is below and behind the oven. I hope this helped. Thanks for the love and support and watching me on YouTube. YEAH! xoxo jen

  2. Very cute! This gives me inspiration for my future southern beach house I hope to buy someday! I’m totally adding this to Pinterest

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