3 Tips for Starting Your Kitchen Renovation

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Alright so today on the blog it is all about “3 Tips for Starting Your Kitchen Renovation. Home renovation projects range from the little touch ups to complete remodeling projects or room additions. The best way to prevent problems is to take steps at the very beginning that minimize the chance of issues arising later. Here are 3 tips for starting your kitchen renovation project so that it goes as smoothly as possible.

Plan It All Out Before You Start
Before you start pouring the foundation or ripping out the current walls, make sure you have a finalized blueprint for the project, a schedule for the necessary tasks and a budget for the work. This ensures that you don’t have a half-ripped up kitchen when unexpected expenses arise that you have not budgeted for. It will also save you from headaches like someone buying appliances that don’t fit in the redesigned kitchen.

Not only that, but it will guarantee that you don’t schedule specialists to come in to work before the preceding tasks have been done, such as having the drywall installer putting up walls before the plumbing is installed, or perhaps worse, inspected. Learn what permits you need before you start work and verify who is responsible for securing them before or during work.

Give Some Thought to the Appliances
Too many people see the kitchen renovation as an excuse to throw out all of their current appliances and buy new ones. Instead, give some thought to the layout of the appliances. The kitchen, for example, must have a seamless path from stove to refrigerator to sink. To a lesser degree, you want to provide an ergonomic and easy flow of items in the kitchen as you’re making or cleaning up after meals. This is why having a dishwasher right next to the sink where you rinse the plates is so common.

Consider whether it is better to keep or replace appliances when you start planning the kitchen renovation. You don’t have to have brand new appliances if everything is working. Learn about upgrades like putting new panels on an appliance instead of thinking you have to buy new appliances to update the color scheme of the kitchen.

Remember that this is a good time to contact a washing machine repair service while another plumber is installing your higher-power dishwasher. If you don’t have enough water flow for the dishwasher or want to run a water line to the fridge so you can use the ice maker, this is the time to have that work done.

Consider How to Keep It as Inconvenient as Possible

Since your kitchen may not be fully functional during renovation, you’ll have to do some planning as far as meals are concerned. You certainly don’t want to be left trying to figure out how to make dinner in the middle of a construction zone.

Instead, consider how you’re going to make the kitchen renovation as painless as possible. Do you want to stock up on food that you can microwave in the dining room while the kitchen is out of commission? Do you need to move medicines or cleaning supplies out of the kitchen to other locations in the home so that you don’t have to negotiate the mess to reach them? If the water will be off for several days, have plans on how you’ll take care of necessities if you’ll still be in the house.

Kitchen renovations are particularly inconvenient and can become very costly, though this is made worse if you don’t plan the project and your life working around the project before you even start work.

This ensures that your kitchen renovation doesn’t turn your life from a home improvement show into a horror movie. wink. 

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