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DIY Spray Painted Boys Desk

Compensation was provided by Ace Hardware via Mode Media.

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Hi all, It has been so fun continuing this on-going series with Ace Hardware, in updating my home and/or furniture pieces. With that said, today I am excited to share a super easy facelift, upcycle, DIY, whatever you want to label it. The bottom line is that a couple cans of spray paint can go far, turning something from frumpy to fabulous. I have had this particular desk/table for years. It occupied a few places in our previous rental, but has since become our son’s desk when we moved into our home last fall. I have never cared for it’s original color or texture, but knew some great spray paint from Ace Hardware would do the trick. I alway’s, always get Rustoleum Painter’ Touch 2x with Paint and Primer. It is always my go-to spray paint, because Rustoleum 2x: 2X spray paints let you polish off your project with an easy-to-apply, smooth finish with excellent coverage. Boom, Who doesn’t want that? Plus these spray paints dry fast to save you time and come in 50+ colors and a variety of sheens so you can get exactly the look you want.

All I did to prep my son’s desk, was wipe it down with a lightly damp microfiber cloth. Once it was completely dust free and dry, I began spray painting. I took about 2 1/2 cans to get every spot, crevice, etc. I have to say that this is my new favorite color. I almost have this same color on a cute shelf in my kitchen and on a wall in my living room. This color is a blue-grey, called slate blue. I adore it and it works great for both a boy’s room or as a versitle neutral. Anyway, it was as simple re-vamp and I think it pulls together the rest of my son’s room and I love it.

Let’s take a look. 

diy spray paint1

DIY spray painted boys desk6

DIY spray painted boys desk4

DIY spray painted boys desk9

DIY spray painted boys desk3

DIY spray painted boys desk5

DIY spray painted boys desk8

DIY spray painted boys desk18

DIY spray painted boys desk11

DIY spray painted boys desk19

DIY spray painted boys desk15

DIY spray painted boys desk16

My son is very happy with his room, so that makes me double happy. Thank you all for checking out today's simple re-vamp post. Also, as I have shared in a previous post my daughters dresser reveal will finally be next, along with her painted and decorated wall. I know I have mentioned her dresser before but this will finally be it, and I am so excited about it. Rust-Oleum 2x spray paints let you polish off your project with an easy-to- apply, smooth finish with excellent coverage. These spray paints dry fast to save you time and come in 50+ colors and a variety of sheens so you can get exactly the look you want.

Thank you all for checking out today’s simple re-vamp post.



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