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Teen Boy’s Star Wars Room Part 1

Hi friend’s. Today I am sharing my teen sons “Star Wars” bedroom. I have two more walls in his room that I need to finish, so that will be in Party 2. However, I’m also sharing some super easy Star Wars night light’s if you have younger boys. My son uses his to store money, extra tech chords, lego pieces, and other miscellaneous items. Be sure to check those out at the bottom of the post.  Below are some pictures of his now room. So fun. 

teen star wars room



teen star wars room6

teen star wars room1

teen star wars room 7

teen star wars room3

teen star wars room16

teen star wars room 17

teen star wars room8

The book ends, I had and just painted them white and then with some S.W. mini figurines, I glued them on to eash end. 

teen star wars room 22

teen star wars room13

The S.W. saying I just made from Pic Monkey and added it to a frame I already had. The poster’s I found both on ebay. I bought the poster boards to hold them from JoAnn. 

teen star wars room14

teen star wars room10

The pillow below I made, with some S.W. fabric I found at JoAnn. 

teen star wars room9

teen star wars room 19

teen star wars room 18jpg

The Death Star is awesome, it lights up his whole room with a a bunch of tiny beams. It also has a timer on it for 30 minutes. It’s probaly the coolest thing in his room. We found it at Target. 

teen star wars room 21

Below is an Easy DIY! 

diy star wars kid night lights1

Items you will need above. You simple pull off the pez heads, trace paper, glue down paper and the heads on top of the paper. Fill up the jar with some Heidi Swapp marquee lights, screw on the lid and you are done. 

diy star wars kid night lights8

diy star wars kid night lights11

diy star wars kid night lights13

diy star wars kid night lights14


diy star wars kid night lights19

I hope all you Star War’s lovers enjoyed this room makeover/and DIY project. 

Thank you so much for stopping by… May the Force be with you. 


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