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Boys Bedroom Makeover Reveal

-Hello Friends-
I am sharing my  boys bedroom makeover today YAY! 
Since we moved into our place in November last year, I haven’t done a thing with their room. I just wasn’t up to it with the holidays and everything else. I think spring came (kinda we have cold rain today) and then I got in the mood. Plus my oldest son asked me when I was going to do his room? I didn’t like that he sounded so disappointed, and the echoing tone of his voice has been ringing in my ear for sometime. Soooo I am glad to say that it is done for now. I sill would like to do a stencil on their large wall across from the sides of their beds (the wall behind their TV). I will get to that soon and share that wall when I get it finished. 
Some Updated Stuff I did:
-I took my hubby’s childhood bed and painted the drawer fronts each with a funky color block look.
-I also took my boys bookshelf and painted the insides navy blue and the other shelves white.
-I took an old ceramic elephant and spray painted it glossy Krylon pumpkin orange.
-Lastly I painted my sons top “floating” bed in dark navy to help it flow better with the painted drawers below. 

To finish their room:  I found some fun decor pieces, the bedding (ps puffy mattress reviews if you are in the market), the striped grey pillow cases, the colorful plates hung on the wall, the funky throw pillows, and the rug all from Target. Other items we have had, and the hand woven baskets you see hung on the walls, and the hand carved masks are from South Africa. My hubby brought home a bunch of awesome stuff from his church mission, and I had fun incorporating those pieces from South Africa. I also love that I get to treasure the hand crafted oak shelves my grandpa-pa made for hubby and I when we got married. He has since passed on and any and everything I have gotten from my grandparents is a treasure. My grandpa was one amazing guy and one brilliant carpenter as well. I love and miss him, so seeing his shelves in my boys room makes me smile, and I know it makes him smile too. 
{So here are the pictures.}

Its fun layering solids with patterns, just be sure to stay in the same color family. 

.. and here are the painted drawer fronts, I just love the simple transformation.  

My boys “especially” my oldest loves it. I could hardly wait to show him his room when he got home from school. 

I just have a crush.. an “orange crush” HA! on their room.
Thanks for stopping by. 
Hugs, jen

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17 thoughts on “Boys Bedroom Makeover Reveal

  1. I love the orange too. I think your bunk beds are really creative too. Most don’t have enough room between the bunks, and yours looks sturdier than most too.

  2. Love the colors… bed covers remind me of a basketball… so boy! You did a really nice job! You are showing you can have a really nice looking room without spending an arm and a leg… lol! =)

  3. LOVE the beds. Did you build them? We have loft beds in our house that I build. In my granddaughter’s room, I took her loft bed with a bunk under it and turned it into a castle. 🙂

  4. Oh I love the orange and their room looks totally amazing. How fun. I am sure they think is is fabulous. I would love for you to link this to my Inspire Me Tuesday party that is ongoing. – – -http://www.astrollthrulife.net/2013/04/160th-inspire-me-tuesday.html

    I think this is definitely an inspiring room. Hugs, Marty

  5. Great job on the room! My son has been waiting patiently to get his room done and orange & blue were just thrown out this week as possibilities. Those are his HS colors as well so it looks like we may be copy-catting sometime soon!

  6. It turned out so cute, I love the orange. I am sure it is nice for them to only have 2 bodies in there now instead of 3, that worked out well. Love it.

  7. This room look so nice! I am looking to paint a bedroom this exact color. Would you let me know what it is, please? THANKS!

    1. Marlo, On my can of paint its called Kllim Beige. I don’t know what the Kllim part means? perhaps just beige. Thank you and good luck.

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